Dear Carolyn,

My wife, Sally, and I separated in 2019 and divorced in 2020.  We filed taxes as married in 2019, with the refund direct deposited to Sally.  The first two stimulus checks were also direct deposited to her for both of us. Sally filed her 2020 taxes as a single in February.  I have not yet filed my taxes.  Sally received the third stimulus check for only her.  What happened to my stimulus money?


Carolyn Answers,

The IRS launched the Get My Payment website application last weekend at Click on “Get My Payment.” When you fill in the fields in the boxes, you will get the status of your payment. If the payment comes up as “not available,” you are either ineligible, or the $1,400 stimulus payment has not been issued yet. Payments started March 12, 2021, to those with deposit information on file at IRS. Because your ex filed her 2020 return, her stimulus check was processed based upon that 2020 return with a status of “single.”

My recommendation is to file your 2020 tax return immediately, so the IRS has your current information. Continue to check the “Get My Payment” website. Thanks for writing Ask Carolyn.


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