Dear Carolyn,

I need an increase in child support and I just do not have the funds to pursue my need with an attorney. The father of my children lost his job during the pandemic and there was a reduction in child support. Now the father is fully employed and I think he is making more than ever. How do I get my child support increased?


Carolyn Answers:

There is hope. Child support can be modified upon a change of circumstances. Typically, a change of 15 percent in the amount of child support is a change of circumstances with the passage of three years since the last order. However, you may be short of the three years; you do not say when the reduction happened. You do have the factor of the change for the better in the father’s employment.  If the father’s income has significantly improved, I believe most judges would increase your child support based upon the father’s regaining (and perhaps exceeding) his previous income level, regardless of the three year rule.


You can seek child support assistance from Guilford County Child Support Enforcement at 400 West Market St., Greensboro, North Carolina (phone 336-641-6438). There is also a High Point office if you live in High Point. The fee for the application is $25, and you can ask them to reduce the fee to as little as $10 if you show you have inadequate funds. There are a lot of resources and FAQs on the website for There is help available. Good luck!


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