Dear Carolyn,

Why did people drink so much alcohol on Dec. 31? My husband used the New Year as an opportunity to binge. I have become increasingly concerned about his drinking, which is becoming rather intolerable. He has personality changes, and it seems he depends on alcohol for a good time. What are the signs of alcoholism?


Carolyn Answers,

If your husband has Alcohol Abuse Disorder, that disorder has been brewing much longer than a New Year’s Eve party. According to Northeast Addictions Treatment Center, on New Year’s Eve, 37.4 percent of men and 24 percent of women drank more than four drinks. Alcohol Abuse Disorder is the name given to alcoholism by psychologists and psychiatrists in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (edition 5), which is used for diagnosis and treatment by mental health professionals.

Alcohol Abuse Disorder (alcoholism) is a serious addiction and health problem. The disorder can present many symptoms, but I will address a few prominent issues. 1) Continued alcohol use that affects health, such as blood pressure, is a factor.  2) Drinking is a priority over other activities. 3) Drinking and engaging in risky or dangerous behavior is a red flag. 4) Increasing tolerance of alcohol is a dangerous symptom. 5) Blackouts or withdrawal if the person is not drinking is a sign of the disorder.

Watch your husband’s problem and help him get help if he will do so. Alcoholism is a justifiable factor for leaving a spouse under North Carolina family law.


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