Dear Carolyn,

My child support that I pay was determined by some method called “off the guidelines” a few years back. I own my own small business, but COVID-19 has reduced my profits. I need a lower child support number. From surfing the internet, I find Child Support Worksheet B, which seems to fit my situation since I have 50 percent of the time with my child. What does “off the guidelines” mean? Can I get a reduction in my child support?


Carolyn Answers,

All states are required to have child support guidelines, and North Carolina has child support guidelines that are modified every three years for inflation and perhaps other economic factors. The current version was effective March 1, 2020. These guidelines apply to parents who have a combined gross monthly income of $30,000 or less, which is $360,000 per year. So, if Mom makes $10,000 per month and Dad makes $20,000 per month, the guidelines apply. However, if Dad makes $20,001 per month, then the case is technically “off the guidelines.”

When a child support case is “off the guidelines,” the court must look at the actual needs of the children in calculating child support. Guildford County courts have an Affidavit of Financial Standing that is used by the judge in an “off the guidelines” case.

The good news is that child support can generally be reviewed every three years for modification if you file your motion for modification. A difference of 15 percent or more between the old order and your new fact situation is an automatic substantial change of circumstances for purposes of calculating child support.



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