Dear Carolyn:

Is it legal in North Carolina for a stepfather to hit a child when he’s been in their life for less than two years?


Carolyn Answers:

Hit is a powerful word. Hit denotes force and speed. A missile hit the target, for example. I would hope no one would hit a child. So now I will turn to the topic of discipline by a stepparent. If the other parent has authorized the stepparent to discipline the child, then reasonable age-appropriate disciple can be used, but that discipline cannot leave any bruises or marks. Many child psychologists disfavor physical punishment.

I have seen custody orders prohibit physical discipline by stepparents. I think your steps are to contact the other parent and state your position regarding the stepfather. You may also indicate that you will ask a judge to prohibit the conduct of physical discipline either altogether or by the stepparent. If your plea fails, you can consider whether you have a motion to file concerning the discipline (hit) with an attorney.

On the other hand, the crime of assault applies if the child has marks or bruises. You may want to consider taking pictures of the bruises and seeing the magistrate for a warrant. If there are bruises, call social services.



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