Dear Carolyn,

Can COVID-19 please be over, please? I feel claustrophobic, depressed, and I am drinking more alcohol than I should. My husband and I are fighting. I am yelling at the kids. Help!


Carolyn Answers,

Please knows that you are not alone in your mental health reaction to COVID-19. Your story is more common than you think. Perhaps we are beginning to conquer the pandemic with vaccines, and I urge you to get a vaccine protocol at the first available opportunity. That vaccine will make you more secure in your daily activities.

My next suggestion is to take time for a balanced diet and an exercise program, both of which are mood stabilizers. Take your time for exercise away from the family as a respite for you. As part of the diet, start writing down what you are eating and drinking. Try to limit your alcohol to one drink on some days, or stop drinking if this is a problem. The yelling suggests you are genuinely under substantial stress. You may consider professional counseling.

Readers, May is Mental Health Awareness month. The theme for 2021 is “Tools 2 Thrive.” A goal is resiliency! One of the “Tools 2 Thrive” is creating healthy routines. Another is eliminating toxicity. We all have had to face the tragic reality of COVID, and we all must go forward.


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