If you have read the salary issues for the past three weeks and think government salaries are high, you’ll be shocked this week because we are running the top 100 salaries for the University of North Carolina-Greensboro and North Carolina A&T State University. Not even Coliseum Director Matt Brown at $324,500, who is the highest paid employee of Greensboro, Guilford County and Guilford County Schools, makes as much as Dean James Ryan at UNCG who is second on that list at $363,213. UNCG Chancellor Frank Gilliam is paid $390,141 and UNCG recently bought him a new house, evidently because he didn’t like the house that UNCG had the use of at no cost from the Bryan Foundation. NC A&T State University Chancellor Harold Martin is paid $374,535 and the university also provides him with a house, which is fairly standard for university chancellors. It’s interesting that UNCG, with nearly 20,000 students, is almost twice the size of A&T, with nearly 12,000 students, but the difference in the salaries for the chancellors is less than $16,000. Head football coach Rod Broadway is number two on the A&T salary list and is paid $309,290, which is a $10,000 raise from last year when he was paid $299,290.  You might think coaching the A&T football team to its first undefeated season would have resulted in more of a raise, but it didn’t. Just for comparison, number 25 on the UNCG list, Vice Chancellor Bryan Terry at $198,148 is paid more than Greensboro City Manager David Parrish at $194,260. It appears all those loans student rack up are not going to waste; they’re used to pay some good salaries to university administrators.

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2017-2018 NC A&T State Univ Salaries


2017-2018 UNCG Salaries