Natty Greene’s Kitchen + Market – The Butcher, The Baker and the Beer Maker – opened this week and it lives up to its advance billing.

From parking lot to mezzanine, it’s a really cool place.

Kayne Fisher, who, along with Chris Lester, founded Natty Greene’s Brewing Co., said that he wasn’t interested in opening a new restaurant, but when the folks at Self Help, in charge of the massive redevelopment of Revolution Mill on Yanceyville Street, asked him to at least come look at the building, to be nice he agreed.

Fisher said once he saw the space, which was the carpentry shop for Revolution Mill, built in 1898, he knew this was the place for a concept he had been working on for 20 years – which is the Kitchen and Market.

The restaurant and market will have a full butcher shop, a bakery and, of course, since its Natty Greene’s, beer making.

The market isn’t open yet, but the restaurant opened on Tuesday, July 25. Fisher described the restaurant concept as “cafeteria meets steak house.” He said you get to make your own meal with the old “meat and two sides” concept, with an up-to-date flavor, meaning the meat is from the butchery and include choices that you don’t find at old country restaurants.

Fisher calls the decor “industrial warmth.” It’s wood and metal. The original beams in the restaurant are remarkable, but all the wood, including the bar tops, is reconditioned wood from Revolution Mill. Fisher said they wanted to “accent the history of the building” and they did a good job of it.

Along with two bars and two dining areas, the restaurant also features a charcuterie station where you can order cured meats and cheeses.

And one of the coolest parts of the whole place is the pedestrian bridge over Buffalo Creek that takes you from the parking lot to the restaurant.

Revolution Mill is giving Greensboro another destination, and Natty Greene’s Kitchen + Market looks like it’s going to be a big part of it.