Last week we wrote about the campaign finance reports for the Greensboro mayoral and City Council candidates. Since then, we have more than a couple of updates.

District 2 City Council candidate Jim Kee was listed as not filing a pre-primary report and has, since then, filed one. Kee has raised a total of $1,600, and $1,500 was during the reporting period that began on July 1. Kee has spent $1,041 and, as of August 31, had $559 in his campaign account.

At-large City Council candidate James Ingram originally filed a threshold statement that he would not raise or spend over $1,000 but rescinded that on Sept. 5 and filed a pre-primary report. Ingram has raised a total of $1,206 and spent $842, leaving him $364 in his campaign account. But he also has to refund $260 in campaign contributions, which would take the total down to $104 going into the primary.

At-large City Council candidate Irving Allen filed a pre-primary report on Sept. 7 and an amended report on Sept. 12. The amended report shows that he had raised $1,850 during the reporting period and a total of $3,011. According to the report, he has spent $2,019 and had $992 in his account on August 31.

At-large City Council candidate M.A. Bakie now has a pre-primary report on file showing that he has loaned his campaign $2,500 and had donations of $220 during this reporting period. He had raised $25 before the reporting period. His campaign expenses are listed as $2,249 leaving him $451 in his campaign account according to his report. According to our calculator, he should have $471 left in his account.

At-large City Council candidate Dan Jackson has a preprimary report on file showing that he has raised $5,725 in this reporting period and had raised $2,000 before July 1 when the reporting period started. He has spent $463, leaving him with $7,262 in his campaign account. Jackson has donated $5,000 to his campaign and loaned the campaign $1,085.

At-large City Council Candidate Lindy Perry-Garnette also has a pre-primary report on file now, which shows she raised $3,329 during the reporting period, had $50 at the start of the reporting period and had loaned her campaign $700 before the July 1 reporting period began. Perry-Garnette has spent $1,667 and had $2,363 in her campaign account on August 31.

District 1 City Council candidate Devin King, who ran for mayor in 2015, has yet to file any financial reports with the Guilford County elections office.

One candidate suggested that it wasn’t made clear that the pre-primary report only covers campaign funds raised during the period from July 1 to August 31. Funds raised by candidates before July 1 would be listed in the overall amount in the campaign account but not in this reporting period.

No doubt there will be more updates to follow.