Worse Politicians Than Hillary

Dear Editor,

A little history lesson.

Richard Nixon lied about Watergate, but was pardoned by Gerald Ford.

Ronald Reagan sold arms to Iran and conducted a secret war in Guatemala that Congress knew nothing about. Reagan funded the Contras in Nicaragua by selling arms to Iran, and lied about that. He secretly provided arms to the Mujahideen in Afghanistan, who started using those same arms against the US later. He lied to the American people about all of this.

The first George Bush lied when he said Saddam Hussein was massing troops against Saudi Arabia, leading us into the first Gulf War. The next George Bush lied about weapons of mass destruction, getting us into the war in Iraq, the costliest war in our history.

This puts a little perspective on the charge that Hillary Clinton is lying about her emails. The reality is that the FBI concluded that Clinton did not lie to the FBI. And about Benghazi, remember that Clinton spent eight grueling hours on public display under oath before the House committee headed by Trent Gowdy and did not lie.

So enough about this red herring, and start looking at the real issues between Clinton and Trump.

James Bennett



Great Equalizer

Dear Editor,

This voter ID law is common sense. It is standard procedure for all citizens; it is the equalizer for all races. Voting is the most important influence a person can have on our society and country. When every individual can know that all voters use the same procedure to vote, there is never a question to doubt the fairness of our voting system.

G.L. Herbin



Sit-in Outraged

Dear Editor,

Have you ever seen those old military academy movies where there is always one scene where a plebe is bent over with his pants down while an upperclassman repeatedly slams a wooden paddle into his bare buttocks? And after each wham, the plebe screams out, “Thank you, sir! May I have another?”


“Thank you, sir! May I have another?”

That is pretty much the feeling I get about our city councilmembers every time I read how they have once again bend over to the board members, attorneys and staff at the sit-in museum.   These five in particular: Jamal Fox, Sharon Hightower, Nancy Hoffman, Yvonne Johnson, Nancy Vaughan. I bet they haven’t been able to sit down for the last two weeks.

How many times will the council listen to the endless lies, evasions, contradictions and ridiculous “raging success” statements that it has so meekly accepted from the museum directors almost ever since they opened their doors? And then so many times when the council has asked for an accounting/update/promise, the response of the sit-in board has been to tell the council that what has happened to all the money the council loaned in good faith is really none of the council’s business.

Quoting form last week’s issue, “Councilmember Justin Outling … was particularly disturbed by the fact that the museum had breached the terms of the contract and had never returned the missing money to the account.”

If I were Mr. Outling, I wouldn’t be just disturbed, I would be outraged.

A sudden thought: Maybe that should be the new name of the enterprise: i.e., not the sit-in museum but the sit-in outrage. Because the repeated incompetence, arrogance and outright thievery of taxpayers’ money has sure outraged me – and I’m sure a lot of other honest citizens of this city.

Basically, I see only one solution: The city takes over the ownership and management of the outrage. Otherwise, it seems inevitable that a majority of councilmembers will always be bent over, yelling, “Thank you, sir! May I …”

John Pugh


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