Four Out Of Five Chief Justices Agree

Dear Editor,

We four former chief justices of the Supreme Court of North Carolina – two Democrats and two Republicans – are writing to express our support for the reelection of Senior Associate Justice Robert (Bob) H. Edmunds in November.

We know from experience the importance of each member of the court. We have seen Justice Edmunds’ work. He has demonstrated in his years on the state Supreme Court that he is an independent justice who understands and abides by the rule of law. His opinions are legally sound.

Moreover, the work of the court is highly collaborative. The justices constantly consult as they reach their results and draft their opinions. Justice Edmunds has shown that he is a respected, hard-working and reliable member of the court team.

Justice Edmunds’ contributions to the legal profession have received national recognition. In August, he was named chair-elect of the Appellate Judges Conference, a national organization of over 1,100 state and federal judges and practitioners. He is active in bar and other civic organizations.

In sum, Justice Edmunds has proven himself to be an invaluable public servant. We hope others will join us in voting for Justice Robert (Bob) H. Edmunds for reelection.

Former Chief Justice Rhoda Billings

Former Chief Justice Jim Exum

Former Chief Justice Burley Mitchell

Former Chief Justice Beverly Lake



DOJ and Voter Fraud

Dear Editor,

The following is from Judicial Watch, October 2016, Volume  22. We’ve heard from the news media, etc., that voter fraud is nonexistent, and President Barack Obama has cited misleading statistics to convey voter fraud is overplayed. Consider the nationwide attempt by the Department of Justice (DOJ) to thwart state efforts to clean up voter rolls

One, in Indiana, the Obama DOJ opposed federally mandated efforts to clean voter lists, despite publically available information showing the number of people listed on voter register roles in 12 counties exceed 100 percent of the total residents of voting age.

Two, in Florida, the DOJ filed a lawsuit to stop the state’s efforts to comply with the National Voting Rights Act by removing 53,000 registered voters who were dead, as well as 2,700 non-citizens. Yes, the dead were still voting.

Three, in Pennsylvania, after the New Black Panther Party stood in a doorway of a polling place clad in black paramilitary uniforms, brandishing nightsticks and shouting racial slurs at poll watchers, the case was shut down by Obama’s Justice Department.

These are facts. As you can see, the Democratic Party, the Obama cartel and the DOJ are corrupt and will do anything to get the illegal fraudulent vote. Now in North Carolina you do not have to show an ID to vote, clearly opening the door to more Democratic voter fraud.

Ed Byrum



Rebutting Re-Rebuttal

Dear Editor,

In his rebuttal to my rebuttal, Michael Northuis failed to explain how Clinton could have had a budget surplus when the national debt has gone up every year since the late 1950s.

In my initial rebuttal, I did not call him a liar or suggest that he supports crooked Hillary Clinton. I did say that liberals lie, and that he apparently believes the lie about the phony budget surplus.

I have no idea why Northuis mentioned “our growing trade deficit.” I was very clearly referring to our national debt, which is now almost $20 trillion. But Northuis decided to dig his hole deeper by saying that the George W. Bush administration cited this phony budget surplus as the reason for the tax rebates of 2001. That’s not what I heard at the time.

Bush’s tax rebate was part of his 2001 tax cut. The tax cut was retroactive, so anyone who paid taxes over a certain amount had the overpayment returned to them. Northuis says he and his wife got $700 each, but that’s not likely, because the rebates were $300 for singles, $500 for single parents and $600 for couples.

Before Northuis sends in another rebuttal, he should do some research on the national debt. It’s very easy to see that it’s risen every year since long before crooked Bill Clinton entered the White House. There’s only one way to have a surplus while raising the debt – crooked government accounting and a cadre of liberal journalists who are deeply committed to keeping their dear leaders in power.

Mike Hughes



America’s Last Chance

Dear Editor,

The beginning of this year, I spent six weeks traveling around Australia. It was during primary voting in America. Everywhere I went I was asked, “What’s with Trump?” I would explain we had sent Republican lawmakers a mandate to do something about a president who continued to shred the Constitution. They did nothing and people are mad. They have reaped the whirlwind and they still don’t get it.

Trump supporters are portrayed by the elites in government and media as knuckle dragging ignorant cretins. To Hillary we’re “deplorables” and “irredeemable.” And this woman thinks she should be president for those Americans.

The congressional elites are living like one half of the one per cent and it’s all on our dime. How bad is it? Read The Barons of the Beltway by Michelle Fields. They are afraid Trump will stop their living like royalty and they are out to sabotage him.

Yes, Trump is sometimes crass and crude and not politically correct, but Hillary is totally corrupt. Trump is an unknown, but all we know of Hillary is chaos and scandal. Trump has businesses that employ thousands. Bill and Hillary make speeches and are alleged to be involved in pay-to-play schemes. Remember the renting of the Lincoln bedroom?

An article listed what Trump’s supporters have had it with: Anyone named Bush, anyone named Clinton, anyone who’s held political office, political correctness, illegal immigration, massive unemployment, phony “official” unemployment and inflation numbers, welfare waste and fraud, Obamacare, Michelle Obama’s vacations and her food police, Obama’s arrogant and condescending lectures and his criticism of America, Valerie Jarrett, boys in girls’ bathrooms. You can add your own.

Is Hillary going to make it go away? She has promised more of the same on steroids.

Trump represents a change in direction this country sorely needs. Does Trump need to do this? He could continue to enjoy his luxurious life without having himself disparaged and insulted in the media everyday. He’s like the rest of us. He has had enough of the destruction of this country and has stepped forward to try to save it. Hillary is a woman who could never have enough money or power. Who do you think will try to rein in her power grabs? The Democrats? The Republicans? The media? Of course not. This is America’s last chance.

Phyllis Picklesimer



Same Song

Dear Editor,

It seems like the same storyline again.  In 2012, we had 70 million Christians and only one half were registered to vote and one half of those stayed home, which helped get Barack Obama into office.

I heard all kind of excuses, but the one I remember the most was that Mitt Romney, a Morman, was not a Christian.  Well, look what we ended up with – Obama, who says he is a Christian but turns out to be the most anti-Christian president we have ever had.

He is fast to make excuses for the Muslims, but every time he talks about Christians it is in a negative way.  He might have been born in the states but he was brought up by his radical Muslim father and stepfather and I do not think his loyalty is to the US. I think he has done more damage to this country than any terrorist could ever do.

Now we have to worry about more of the same with Hellary. With the Supreme Court in the balance, we are really in danger of swinging so far left that it will affect our country for decades.

Now we are trending for the same thing this election. Expect four more years of Obama on steroids with her and Bill. I shudder to think what is going to happen if she gets three or four Supreme Court picks.

Fifty million babies killed so far and they are just getting started. If you had those 50 million alive today, they would have grown up and gotten married and maybe had two children. Think how that would have helped our economy.

The courts have already made abortion legal up to the time of birth, taken prayer out of the schools and made same-sex marriage legal, and now the courts are going to force us to accept men going into the showers and bathrooms of your granddaughters, daughters and wives.

I do not like a lot of what Donald Trump does with his language, but look what the Democrats have done, are doing and will do if they get control. We already know what Hellary will do.

I have heard that some cannot make up their minds between of these two awful candidates.  Well, think of the Supreme Court, and if that does not shake you there is no hope for this country.

Bennie Taylor



Homework and Prayer

Dear Editor,

Good morning. Welcome to America. This is my country. This is your country.

I am not a Democrat. I am not a Republican. I consider myself to be a constitutional American.

I have been voting for a long time. I believe the first time was in the 1950s.

This is, I believe, the most important presidential election I have ever participated in.

We presently have two candidates who have to answer to their creator for their iniquities, as do we, the legal American voters.

I ask all of you to do your homework and pray. Pray that we make the right decisions.

Thank you, Rhino Times, for this freedom of the press, from the son of a legal Russian immigrant.

Alexander Kohanowich


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