Which Evil?

Dear Editor,

The election of 2016 is only one month away. We are faced with the choice of the lesser of evils – the evil we know or the evil we do not know. Either choice has risks. On represents a continuation of the present programs, the other a change in direction.

One candidate asked, “What difference, at this point, does it make?” I suggest that it makes an enormous difference.

The makeup of the Supreme Court, now operating with elderly judges, will be determined by the president and Senate.

Our constitutionally guaranteed rights under the Second Amendment are at great risk by an overreaching government.

North Carolina could be the decisive vote in the Electoral College this election.

One candidate is a career politician with ties to corrupt programs, the other a businessman.

Honesty and personal integrity are pre-requisites for all leaders. One has been caught saying conflicting things to cater to different audiences. The other has used crude language in private conversations.

One has been caught lying about the control of secret information.

Inform yourself about the issues and the candidates and then vote. The crucial election of 2016 is in our hands now, as it was intended to be.

John B. Gee



Police and Hostility

Dear Editor,

This country is having a lot of police/population conflicts. Even with car or body cameras, little has changed. More often than not, the various departments refuse to release any video, citing privacy or prejudicial concerns. What a waste of taxpayer money to pay for these cameras.

I’m sure what little we’ve seen is just the tip of the iceberg. Police bullying has been going on a long time.

They use to be called peace officers, now it’s law enforcement. You must call me “Sir.” Ha. Unless you’re a lieutenant or above, as far as I’m concerned you’re no officer. I’m not your inferior nor you my superior. I should be allowed to address you politely by your initials, last name or title.

But we have the guns, and we can kill you if you don’t (or do) obey our commands. The police here can’t consider being ungunned, like in most civilized western nations. You have to prove they did something wrong; lots of luck. Meanwhile they’re on administrative leave, aka paid vacation per Chuck Mann.

I’m really thankful that I’m not a black or Latino man here.

John Taylor-Hall



Ignoring Wikileaks

Dear Editor,

If you go online to sites like Drudge, you will quickly see why the mainstream media are avoiding talking about the WikiLeaks dumps like the plague. Not only avoiding them, but sitting around with their fingers in their ears, eyes closed and going, “lalalalala, I can’t hear you.”

I would say, “if the documents are to be believed …” but why bother. Nobody has come out denying the authenticity of what’s been released. Nobody. Not just from the mainstream media but from the den of the Hildabeast and her flying monkeys. And based on what has been put out so far, we are seeing the real face, attitudes and beliefs of she who wants to be queen.

How anybody can still be willing to support her flys in the face of common sense. We have seen how she feels about the average American and it’s as I’ve said before: We are peons, lackeys, deplorables, rednecks.

When you see how they view us and, more importantly, how they treat us, you have to believe that anyone still willing to support and defend her has little to no self-esteem. The best way I can put it is they suffer from the same condition as battered wives who will say, with bruises on their face, “I know he hits me, but he really cares about me and I love him.”

The WikiLeaks dumps should be a wakeup call for everyone. It shows just were we as average citizens stand, or more accurately, made to believe where we should be standing (or kneeling).

Propagandists like Goebbels and Lenin would be proud. The mainstream media are herding most of the American electorate around like the sheeple that they are. And the Democrat Party is pulling the strings on the majority of mainstream media.

It’s little wonder the head Democrat appointed FCC member wants to put controls on online reporting. (Bet you didn’t know about that. Wonder why?) They can’t control every independent blogger and YouTube commentator, and if they can’t do that they can’t control the masses.

Trump was by far not my first, second or third choice. But I have to admit he has shaken things up quite a bit. He has opened a curtain that has long concealed what happens in American politics, and the roaches are scrambling. It’s up to the American people to decide what happens next. Change or business as usual.

Go Galt, go vote

Alan Marshall



Clinton Tax

Deduction hypocrisy

Dear Editor,

My, isn’t the press making a big deal about Donald Trump’s perfectly legal use of recouping a  business loss in subsequent tax years?

People, especially millennials, need to be reminded that in the Clintons have in the past used the tax rules to their advantage claiming every legitimate charity deduction.  They donated used underwear to charity and wrote it off on taxes. Here is a portion of a column by Lloyd Grove of The Washington Post, “Bill Clinton’s Great Skivves Give-away,” from Dec. 28, 1993, skewering the Clintons unmercifully.

“‘We don’t get it very often, but usually it will be sorted through to see what’s usable and the rest sold as rags,’ said Salvation Army Maj. Dewey Alderson, the Little Rock area commander. The market price for rags, several Little Rock charity directors said, is 5 cents to 6 cents a pound.

“[Bill] Clinton, on the other hand, has valued his underwear as high as $2 a pair. And a pair of long underwear, per Clinton on his 1988 return, is worth $15. A typically extensive document – which apparently Clinton wrote out in his own hand for the tax return filed for 1986, when he was serving his third term  as governor of Arkansas – is titled ‘Salvation Army 12/27’ and lists items numbered 1 through 17, for which Clinton took a deduction of $555.00

“Item #1 is ‘Gaberdine Suit=ripped pants – $75. “  # 8 is Brown Sportscoat – $100” –#10 is “ 6 pair socks – $9 “ And # 12 is 3 pr. Underwear – $6’.

“But itemized 1988 deductions that appear to be written in Hillary Clinton’s hand – for clothes given to Dorcas House, a Little Rock shelter for battered women and their children – are far less extravagantly priced. A striped cotton dress is $2, gloves $1, and 5 ‘long warm pajamas’ belonging to Chelsea are valued at $1 a pair.”

“These prices are seemingly on a different planet from Clinton’s ‘Blue wool suit – $100’ and ‘Green Sweater–-$25’ on their 1987  joint return, or his tan jacket – listed as given to the rescue mission on the 1984 return – that appears to have appraised initially at $30 , a figure he seems to have crossed out and raised to $50.”

Yes indeed, business losses are an allowable deduction and so are stinking underwear or socks (although the latter is ripe for ridicule).

Fred Gregory



Not a Deplorable

Dear Editor,

Bill Cosby has had his career, and life, ruined because of allegations that he sexually assaulted women. Donald Trump is caught on tape talking about sexually assaulting women and some people still want him to become president. Talk about double standards. Donald Trump has the backing of the Ku Klux Klan.  He is a sexist, racist, a hypocrite. I think it would be deplorable for anyone to vote for him.

Chuck Mann



Rebutting Rebuttal

Dear Editor,

In his rebuttal letter (Phony Claims, Oct. 6), Mike Hughes pretty much calls me a liar and gullible and suggests I am for Hillary, none of which are true. He fails to understand that a yearly governmental budget surplus is not the same thing as our growing trade deficit.

Let me ask those taxpayers who believe Bill Clinton’s budget surplus was just a fabrication of the liberal media; did you or did you not receive a tax refund check from the GW Bush administration shortly after his “election”? My wife and I both received checks for $700 shortly after Bush became president, the Bush administration citing a budget surplus from the previous administration. Perhaps the rebate was actually sent to us by the “liberal media” knowing I would write letters to the editor in the future.

Ironically even the Bush administration must have believed the lies and sent out checks to millions of taxpayers, money which could have been used to pay down the national debt. (“Fool me once …” GW Bush).

My letter was not a promotion of Hillary, it was citing facts (check it out before you call me a liar), Bill Clinton inherited a government about to shut down due to under-funding (too little tax base – “read my lips …”), an economy that was in the toilet (savings and loan debacle, real estate bubble burst) and eight years later left the country in better shape. My letter was a warning that Trump’s “new ideas” to fix the economy (lower taxes, deregulate financial markets) and “fix” the problems in the Middle East through military actions are the same solutions that didn’t work for either Bush presidency.

Moreover Trump is a sociopath who is unstable when he feels his ego threatened. He scares the stuffing out of me and would be an embarrassment as president. Vote for the Libertarian Gary Johnson. He won’t get us into more war. He doesn’t even know where the Middle East is. Bad choices this election, but Trump is the worst candidate ever.

Michael Northuis



Vote To Protect Christians

Dear Editor,

The international press has reported extensively about the killing of Christians in the Middle East. A brief internet search show the same story. Apparently the practice of kidnapping young Christian women and selling them into slavery is widespread.

Here in the US we hear thousands if not millions of immigrants are coming from the Middle East. But an internet search shows the immigrants are not Christians. The last number I saw indicated only 0.4 percent of the immigrants were Christians.

We must ask, why are people who may be the killers of Christians being brought into the US while those who are being killed are left in danger. Is this a blatant attempt to convert the US to Islam?

Whatever the reasons, the results are clear. It is also clear that if a Christian votes for a Democrat, it is like a Jew voting for a Nazi. It was Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who directed these immigration trends and she probably did it under the orders of President Barack Obama.

So if you are a Christian or care about some Christians, don’t vote for Hillary Clinton. In fact, since we don’t know how far this hatred for Christians goes, don’t vote for any Democrats at all.



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