Not A Fan Of Hug-A-Thug

Dear Editor,

I think hug-a-thug Sheriff Rogers is losing focus.

I will say the new public relations guy is working at trying to make the best of a bad situation but hey he needs a check. The Sheriff stated that he loses money on the DNA machine. I guess crime has a price tag or maybe he’s trying to help some friends escape justice, who knows. The fact is he could have sold the services of this machine to other agencies and made money because Sheriffs do this stuff when they rent out jail space.

The other train wreck program is the reentry program.  Here is a newsflash for criminals, don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. The PR guy said no taxpayers’ funds will be used and I say what about having the criminals pay for their stay in the jail and save taxpayers money, who wants to guess how much it costs per day.

The whole hug-a-thug thing is old and if Rogers wants to forgive them, well open up a ministry and hand out soup and advice.

Sal Leone


Alabama Leading The Way

Dear Editor,

Alabama has become the modern day Lexington Commons, Governor Kay Ivey has become Captain John Parker, and the Alabama House and Senate members who supported this bill the Minutemen on the subject of abortion. Now the question is where will be the next North Bridge and who will be the Minutemen.

A group of politicians have apparently heard the people screaming “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!” and have acted on it… with a very overwhelming majority I might add. Opposition was in the single digits. And Blue states are very concerned about the potential outcome if this makes it to the Supreme Court. They are taking steps to amend their state Constitutions in the event Roe v. Wade is overturned.

Make no mistake, the pro-abortion baby killers are mustering their forces and rallying their sycophants and minions to begin the assault on the pro-life forces using any and every dirty trick, lie, and piece of misinformation they can make up. You will also see more physical attacks on pro-life supporters outside of abortion clinics and at pro-life events. Pressure needs to be put on senior law enforcement officials and DAs to enforce the law and prosecute the assailants. They need to be taught there are consequences for their actions.

The abortion industry (and make no mistake, that is exactly what they are, an industry) is in panic mode because their blood soaked gravy train may finally be pulling into the station for good. Their murder-for-profit scam that they have tried to hide as “family planning” or “reproductive rights” is going to be exposed to the cleansing power of light and truth.

Another aspect of this is that people are going to be held responsible for the actions of their chosen lifestyle and the other choices they make, at least in Alabama. Could it be that the moral decay that has been slowly infesting this great country is going to be reversed?

The mob that is presidential wannabes on the Democrat side are already howling about the bill. If it’s getting that kind of attention from them, that’s good. They know that they no longer have the power of the courts to force their ways of life on the majority of America.

Republican party…these socialist Bozos are writing your campaign ads for you. Use them!

Go Galt and save the Republic.

Alan Marshall


Supports Faircloth’s FAIR Act

Dear Editor,

As the nation awaits the much-anticipated U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Rucho v. Common Cause on partisan gerrymandering, the work to truly reform North Carolina’s redistricting process is already underway. Right now, legislators are attempting to reform the redistricting process from inside the General Assembly, a similar step to the one that I took in 2009 and 2011 as the Republican Leader in the North Carolina House.

One of the key legislators is Rep. John Faircloth, who understands that we need a redistricting process would finally put a stop to the incessant litigation over voting districts. With the impending 2020 census, the time to write our own rules for redistricting is now.

Rep. Faircloth is a co-sponsor of the FAIR Act (HB 140), a proposed state constitutional amendment that would incorporate rules governing the redistricting process directly into our state’s constitution – thereby protecting the reform measures for years to come. These rules include the guarantee of a transparent process, the exclusion of any partisan data that could identify voting tendencies and respect for county and other geographic boundaries when drawing lines.

I served alongside Rep. Faircloth in the House and worked with him on numerous issues. I admire him greatly. He is championing a monumental, bipartisan issue for our state. With 65 co-sponsors, I am encouraged by the support for the FAIR Act, and I am hopeful that other lawmakers will follow Rep. Faircloth’s lead this session.

Skip Stam

(former Republican Leader of the House and Speaker Pro Tem)