Hey there. This is the Pleasant Garden Republican calling. I just watched Jared Kushner’s speech in front of the White House about the collusion with the Russians and all that mess that’s going on, but he forgot to mention one very important thing, even though he handled himself well in front of the news media. He forgot the most important part: He should have made clear to all the news media that under no circumstances at any time did he meet with Boris Badenov, Natasha or Mr. Big, and that he is no way connected with trying to get rid of Moose and Squirrel. Ha, ha, ha. Anybody that’s my age, 62 and older, knows all about that from The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show. That should tell you just about how ridiculous it’s gotten. But if I had been Jared Kushner, that’s exactly what I would have said to the news media, and they would have gone berserk.
It’s Sunday morning, and the man and his father being held in Iran was on Fox News Live. When Obama and John Kerry gave Iran $150 billion in cash, I don’t know whether they mentioned getting the man turned loose or not. They’ve been holding him for 10 years. If that had been his daddy, I believe he would have said something about, I’ll let you have the money if you let him go. That just shows you how far a person will go just to get their way. I do not understand, first, how they had access to the money to turn it loose. I never understood that. The next thing, the news and the Democrat Party is absolutely trying to destroy this country because Hillary Clinton didn’t get elected. Looks like they’d know they had nobody running against Trump. That’s the reason Trump won. And Trump talked about things that people wanted to hear.
I am a first-time caller, and I always thought that I would write, but letters to the editor has sparked my interest so that I have got to call immediately. Thankfully, John has printed Salvatore Leon’s letter unedited, which shows his inability to be voted in to the council. And, then, of course Ray Hylton letter to the editor is always interesting. And I agree with what he has said. And, of course, Alan Marshall.
Hello, Beep. A very good friend of mine passed away recently. His name was Bandit. I knew him for years. We were very close. I hope you will print this in his honor. Southern Guilford and Otis here.
I think that nice neighborhoods should be made accessible to all people, not just a few privileged citizens. I think everyone in America, regardless of income, if they want to live in a nice so-called gated subdivisions, they should be able to. Everybody deserves the right to a safe home, a safe neighborhood, a safe school. Everybody deserves that right. If someone wants to live and raise their family in a nice, safe neighborhood, and they can’t afford to, the government should step in and help them live there. Poor people can be just as good of neighbors as rich people, probably better.
Yeah, Trump and his team are talking about Robert Mueller’s team giving money to Democrats. Well, he should look at his own son-in-law, because Jared Kushner is a life-long Democrat.
I had used my two calls up in calling previously, and one of the 15 that does not hear well on the phone asked me to call and use her timeframe to report part of the scam that has affected this elderly lady that is terminally ill. And one of them was that her son, a surgery patient, came by just to check on his mother before he went on to his home. And this person that had done absolutely nothing has stuck a form up in front of his face, a paper wanting him to sign that, quote, he was there. And her son said, it’s evident you’re here. So she said he said the man said, your mother won’t sign anything. He said, I’m sure there’s a reason why, but I haven’t had a chance to speak to her or anything.
We should have a thorough examination of our relations with Russia beginning with Hillary as secretary of state allowing Russia to get 20 percent of our uranium and millions of Russian money going to the Clinton Foundation.
Whenever Trump’s son-in-law and son quits talking to these people, they need to call Hillary and Bill Clinton in and talk to them about the speech that he gave over in Russia and they gave Hillary’s fund, whatever that money was for, $500,000. They need to get in and find about that. They were talking to Russians too. Not only talking to them, he was talking to them for quite some time over in Russia. And we haven’t heard one word about it, not one word will the Democrats talk about it. They need to send Maxine Waters, send her over there. Let her get to the bottom of it. She’s always wanting to get to the bottom of something. A good place would be the Atlantic Ocean.
Why would you want to start your Sunday off drinking alcohol two hours earlier than usual when most people are recuperating from their Saturday night indulgences? I guess there’s nothing like a beer or a mixed drink with your Sunday morning breakfast.
Question of the week: Define equity.
I’m sitting here watching Fox News on Channel 10 on Cablevision, and it was just showing that people wanted to impeach Trump, and 33 percent that did, and 33 percent that didn’t. And I just want to say this. You know, I’m sick and tired of the Russia thing. I know a lot of people are, because we’ve got more important things in life going on other than this Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia. That’s all these Democrats study: Russia, Russia, Russia. And all they want to do is impeach Trump, impeach Trump, impeach Trump. And we’re sick of it. You know, I mean, American people are sick of it. We’re working our tails off to make ends meet, and we’re sick – literally sick of Russia, Russia, Russia and impeach Trump. That’s all you hear. For eight, eight long miserable years we had to deal with Barack Obama. And, you know, he ruined our healthcare system. He tripled our debt. And nobody, nobody was on the television saying impeach him.
This call is in reference to War Memorial Stadium on Yanceyville Street. I had occasion to go down to see my grandson play in a baseball tournament this past Sunday morning. And, quite frankly, I was appalled at the condition of this stadium. I don’t remember if the city turned that over to A&T, or if it’s on loan to them, or if the city still owns it. Either way, it should be fixed up better than it is. Out-of-town people commented on it, and I had to speak up and tell them that it was a showplace. Derek Jeter played there and several other guys who went on to play professional baseball. But I think something needs to be done about this stadium both outside and inside. And, if you can, I hope somebody who gets this who has the authority to do it will speak up and say something about it, because it is dedicated to our veterans.
This message is for Salvatore Leon. You really should put down your pen until you can write coherently in proper English as any current fifth grader can
Yeah, as for the Russian spies living in our White House and running our country, of course, Trump knows what the Russians done. He just can’t admit it, because once he admits it, then he would have to do something about it. And I think he’s scared to death of the Russians myself. So he’s either scared of them or he’s helping them out. It can’t be both. It’s one or the other. If it isn’t, he would just let things go. He wouldn’t comment on anything. If there’s nothing there, there’s nothing there. But he is scared of the Russians. And when it comes to his daughter and Made in America Week, well, they’re nothing but hypocrites, because all of their clothes are made overseas.
Mr. Gilbert, as I was trying to say, what would the country be like now if John McCain and Bernie Sanders was president and vice president, either one leading or whatever? They both, two, on the same ticket. Just think what America would be like right now. Just think about that. Bernie Sanders and John McCain were president and vice president. Love y’all.
I’m beginning to think it’s going to take someone no less than Jack Hanna to oversee the Guilford County Animal Shelter. Jack Hanna, if you can hear me, are you available? I don’t think so. Southern Guilford and Otis here. Noah would be a good candidate, but we know he’s not around anymore. Have a good day.
Somebody explain to me why the good thing for our president, Donald Trump, to end the funding to keep the Great Lakes clean. Whether you agree with him or not on other issues, that is moronic. And if you think anything other than that, something is wrong with you. You must just not care because you don’t live anywhere near it, and it doesn’t affect you. But I will have you know that it does affect you, and probably everyone in the world. That is the stupidest thing he could have done.
Calling about the New Yorkers and the New Jersians that are coming down here to the South that are driving like the bat out of hell, and they’re just coming into your lane and don’t even care that you’re over there. They’re not paying attention. They’re not doing anything. It’s getting old. Not only that, the millennials are shooting people the finger. Yesterday, I was sitting at a stoplight and this young girl was sitting there, and she was on her phone and the light had turned green, and she kept setting there, setting there. And I blowed my horn, and she shot me the finger, because I blowed my horn at her. This is getting to be out of hand. And I’m an older woman. And I didn’t appreciate that. So I got up beside of her at the next stoplight and I told her I didn’t appreciate it. And she rolled up her window.
Scratch my fat back, and I’ll scratch your fat back. The City Council gave money from Project Homestead in the amount of $28,000 as a relief to Carolyn Coleman’s land purchase debt from Project Homestead when Project Homestead went belly up. Then, Guilford County gave $100,000 to Yvonne Johnson jail aversion program. And the city of Greensboro gives a forgivable loan to the black museum headed by Skip Alston. Who thinks that the money is not being transferred from one organization to the other, to nonprofits, and to benefit the individuals that serve on those boards? Scratch, scratch, scratch.
Ah, all those good old politicians. We vote them into those ivory towers and they can’t do anything but spend our money and live large. Which one of them is representing you?
There is a war going on against our police. Seems like every day another officer dies, ambushed or injured. Finally, we have a president trying to restore order, but the Democrats sit idly by and watch this happen. They want chaos, sanctuary cities and illegals running rampant to get the vote. God, please, save America.
The News & Record has become nothing more than a left-wing racist paper. Cancelling out this paper. Democrat-run paper. Fish wrap, that’s all it is. From an Independent, I’ve had enough.
Hello, Beep. It appears the Rhino is no longer being published weakly, w-e-a-k-l-y. Very disheartening. I thought I would put that out there. Thanks. Bye.
I’d like to thank whoever decided to put the crossword puzzle in with real estate. It’s a lot easier to work that way. So, whoever did it, thank you. Continue to put it there, please.
Thank you, caller. Finally, someone gets the point across that the so-called Rev. Barber is not a reverend but an instigator, a troublemaker. He should be tarred and feathered and run out on a rail. He does more harm than good. There are people in this world whose goal is to create chaos, and Barber is just one of many.
Next up on all this nonsense about impeachment: You cannot impeach someone who doesn’t realize that he has, and because he doesn’t understand. The race for president is old biz. You cannot impeach someone who doesn’t know he’s president. You would consider that to be fake news. Think about it.
I guess Caesar left John McCain in control with his little pious self, giving the American people the thumbs down. Still just another bunch of do-nothing politicians lying through their teeth is all they do. Democrats and Republicans are out of the same cesspool.
What happens to the high school football money each Friday night? A typical home game will draw 2,000 to 3,000 adults paying $6 per ticket. There’s no mention of this money ever being how it’s used. It just disappears from Friday night till whenever. I’d love to see what happens to it and how it is posted to the Guilford County taxes.
Hey, Fishing Car Guy here. I understand that Apple is doing a factory, and dollar to donuts North Carolina’s name is not in the hat because of HB2. Roy Cooper now has a smoking gun. But it will go to South Carolina, Alabama because of what we do.
I see on the news where they’re having a hard time figuring out how to stop people from shooting one another in High Point, North Carolina. It’s getting like Chicago. I’ve got the answer. I’m 82 years old, and you can think about this. If a man is caught on the street, or in his car, with a pistol or any kind of firearm, if City Council will pass a law he gets two years in prison. Now, they say, well, what if he was going target practicing? OK, this is the answer to that. If he pick him up a metal box at the police department that they would sell him. The gun better be in that box, and it better be locked, and it better be daylight. That will take care of a fellow that’s going target practicing. You cannot shoot a man without a gun. Something’s got to be done. A man is on there saying, I’m scared to walk my children down the street. You’d have to lock up a few of them, because they’re hardheaded. They don’t believe it. They don’t respect the law. But when you start locking up 15 or 20 of them, and they start missing around town, they’d think twice about sticking a gun in their pocket and walking off down the street.

Editor’s Note: You might want to read the Second Amendment.