Why does the president of the United States keep going, every speech he gives going back to Obama and Hillary Clinton? His campaign speech, Hillary locked up. Obama did this. Obama did that. Will somebody, please, talk to him, tell him, you are the president of the United States. There are certain things you can do and you cannot do. But what he needs to learn, he needs to get off the same boat he’s riding and find another ship to ride on and be a president for the United States. Will somebody, please, explain that he’s the president. He don’t have to defend his victory and everything. Somebody tell him he’s the president.

Good morning. I live in High Point. I’m reading the Rhino, the Thursday, August 3 edition. City Council, $95,000 payment. I find this absolutely disgusting that the City Council of Greensboro voted to pay this criminal thug one penny, and it cost two good police officers their job. I would not be a police officer in Greensboro for $500,000 a year knowing the City Council and the mayor does not have your back. It is disgusting. Thank you

Yes, I’m calling from High Point. Our city leaders have sold, or has handed, our city to High Point University. They tear down more property there, High Point University, colors and names. The homes and the businesses sold to the university mean less taxes collected, which means property owners, as well as all other owners, will see a rise in taxes. The city officials did not support buying Oak Hollow Mall, which would have generated revenue and employment for the city. High Point bought the mall for $9 million. Baseball diamond with no team: $30 million.

When Obama was president, you repeatedly criticized him for playing golf. Why don’t you report the number of times Trump plays?

I see on Fox News, the state of Illinois is going to use August 4 as Obama day. That’s his birthday. There’s one thing they’re missing. They should go back and pick up the day that they give Iran $150 billion in cash and make that Obama day number two. And everybody can wear a black ribbon around their arm.

The Obama administration, along with Secretary Clinton and her husband, that whole administration was a lawless administration that has bled over into this administration. And heads should roll. They’re trying to overthrow the government.

Folks, the best way I can describe today’s ultraliberal Democratic Party, the godless liberal, quote, news, end of quote, organizations, particularly NBC, CNN, MSNBC and NPR, as well as The New York Times and Washington Post, is a malignant cancer that is a belief structure that I was brought up to believe by my wonderful late parents, and the old Greensboro City School System of the 1960s and early ’70s. That includes Senator Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and queen Nancy Pelosi. God help us.

Hello. I’m calling about two issues. One, I’d like to know if somebody could, please, find out and tell us American people, are we still paying for Secret Service for Hillary Clinton? And, if so, why? Because she don’t need it. And we should not be paying for Secret Service for Bill Clinton. He’s been out of presidency for a long time. I don’t think it should be something that you receive for the rest of your life. I feel like that she don’t need our Secret Service. They have enough money to pay for their own protection, and I think it’s time that our money stop paying for their protection because of the way she treats them. And, my second question is, why is Rahm Emanuel suing us over sanctuary cities when his town is like a gun slinging town?

Editors Note: All former presidents and their spouses are entitled to lifetime protection by the Secret Service

I was just reading The Sound of the Beep and the latest paper. And a caller called in to the Beep about people shooting people in High Point and the guns in metal boxes, lock boxes. I think that’s a good idea, but one thing you have to remember, though, a gun is a tool just like a knife is. You take away all the guns, they’ll just pick up a knife and stab somebody. If they want to kill them, they’re going to kill them whether it’s with a gun, a knife, a baseball bat or a hammer or their fist. So just keep that in mind.

Hello, Beep. This is for Thom Tillis. I’d like to tell him that I voted for him last time. But the next time when he comes up for a vote, I will not be voting for him. What he’s doing to Donald Trump is unfair. I think it’s dirty, and it’s unfair. We, North Carolina, we voted for Donald Trump. It went for Donald Trump. And what he’s doing is undermining the American people. The American people voted for Donald Trump, and he’s trying to get on board with this bill to stop Donald Trump from firing that FBI investigator. I think it’s dirty that he’s doing that. It’s not right. And how would he feel if it was him? So, therefore, Mr. Tillis, you go right ahead and you sign that bill. And when it comes time for us, North Carolinians, to vote for you, we will not vote for you. We will switch and vote for somebody else. And I hope, and I pray, that you read this, and I hope y’all print this to let him know that he thinks just because he’s in there that he’s safe. Oh, no. You’re not safe. And I just want him to know that and that he ought to be ashamed of his self. How dare he get in there and think he’s such big britches when he ain’t doing nothing for North Carolina anyway. And, then, he’s all for this immigration thing. Oh, really? Well, Tillis, you just wait. Your time is coming. You will be sitting on the sidelines like a lot of these other senators that are doing unthinkable things to Donald Trump. Thank you.

I just watched an ambulance try to get across the intersection of Wendover and Meadowood. And nobody in oncoming traffic stopped. I just hope those people never need an ambulance and they’re delayed because the ambulance can’t go through because they’re running the light and not letting them go. Thank you.

Our great past leader, Barack Hussein Obama, if you remember, did not care anything about the missile defense system. The best thing he could do at this time is head for Hawaii. I have not heard them wanting to shoot one down there right now. But if they did, he could duck in one of those caves that they got, get on the opposite side and carry Michelle with him, and she’ll be working on the lunch party here in North Carolina where she’s changed all the lunches for the kids, and they were throwing them away and thought they were saving money. But we know now, since he’s out of office, we should have been working on a missile defense system ever since Reagan was in. And we better not never quit, because them people is always going to be trying to destroy us. Anybody that the fifth grade was their senior year knows that.

Hello. I want to thank the Rhino for having Carolyn, “Ask Carolyn” help some. But I still am not helped enough. This is the reason poor people can’t get help in – don’t have the right money. But she gave out some pretty good information. It’s just my wife ran off with $80,000, and there’s nothing I can do about it. I’ve been everywhere, tried everything. Tried to get some free help, but they don’t handle domestic issues at Legal Aid.

Well, I see where they’ve changed the name of Aycock at UNCG, the name of the Aycock neighborhood and other farces around town, and other places. But all of the same time, we still have Cornwallis Drive. Cornwallis was a British general who killed a lot of American people, probably some of them with relatives living here in Greensboro, because the battle was fought at Guilford Courthouse. Having a street named after him in the City of Greensboro. I know, it’s been there a long time. Probably stay there. But it just seems like a big, old farce to me, or they would be using another strong word, which I cannot do. Thank you.

It would be real nice if the investors in town, I mean the big money people, people who really want to invest, would invest money in low-income or income-restrictive housing. There’s plenty of land for sale in all parts of the county. It would be nice if they would put up some low-income housing or income-restrictive housing in nice areas so everyone would be able to have the opportunity to live in a nice area. So, listen, investors, think about it. Look into it. There’s plenty of land available in all areas of Guilford County.

The other day as I was traveling down Randleman Road, I took a left on Elmsley Drive. As I went on down past Wal-Mart, there was a tractor truck coming out of Wal-Mart, and I had to stop for him to come out. I noticed it was virtually impossible for him to make a right-hand turn to go toward Elm Street without going on top of the concrete medium that has been recently put there. I noticed on the medium all kinds of black skid marks where other tractor trailer trucks have had to do the same thing. As I proceeded on down, another tractor trailer truck came out of Lowe’s. It, too, came on out and had to make a wide turn to the right to head to Elm Street going over the top of the medium almost into the other lane of opposing traffic. I think the city design of these mediums is getting out of line. I mean, they’re just not using good common sense.

Well, slick Roy Cooper down at the governor’s mansion is on a tirade once again that the North Carolina school system is underfunded. He wants North Carolinians to donate materials, classroom materials, to the schools so the teachers won’t have to use their own money to buy these items. What an absolute crock. The North Carolina school system is massively overfunded. It’s not our fault if the people that administer those funds put the administration, and its bloated bureaucracy, ahead of buying classroom supplies. Consumes nearly one-half the entire state budget. They waste money hand and foot on superfluous, nonessential programs designed to do nothing but burn up that excess money so they can ask for even more next year. Let’s not forget that here in Guilford County they spent $1.6 million for a discussion on lack of time for collaboration and planning. Nobody knows what that is, but they spent it.

For those of you who have been paying attention, the Veterans Administration, the VA, is back in the news with some appalling revelations of areas of instrument storage that was supposed to be sterilized. I think it was 18 out of 23 were found to not be sterilized, running out of blood lines and catheters, so forth and so on, and rehiring, actually a fellow who was fired. Imagine that, an incompetent fellow employee mandated by a judge to be rehired. The point being this, ladies and gentlemen, if President Barack Hussein Obama, former president, could not institute reforms at the VA, then there was no hope for a national healthcare system. We had a model. We have a model, and it’s the VA. If the government can’t reform the VA, then there is zero chance, zero, we can have national health care. Have a nice day.

Yes, for all you mindless sheep, poorly educated Trump supporters, Trump’s words, not mine, look it up if you don’t believe it. I can’t believe you elected this fool who is going to get us all killed. He’s nothing but a bully. He’s trying to bully another bully. I don’t understand how you people could think that man had any brains in his head. He’s a big bully. He’s the biggest liar there ever was. And now we’re all going to die because he was elected. The White House is like a high school up there with all this Trump and his people in the White House. It’s ridiculous. And I can’t believe you Republicans, congressional Republicans, you behind-kissing yes-men, stand up to the buffoon and get rid of that fool.

Yes, this is from the August 10 paper from the Beep. Corrupt corruption. Your name isn’t Trump. Your name is Clinton. You must still be suffering from all the water where they kicked us in the creeks so many times. Have a good day.

Yes, I would just like to remind the few people that do go vote in the City Council election that they should take a look at what this City Council has not done. And what they have done. They’ve not done anything for the citizens of Greensboro, and they haven’t tried to lower taxes. They have increased them. They have given their selves a massive raise. And, now, they want us to pay for their health care. And I can’t see that they have done anything for the people of Greensboro beside put the fork to us. And people that go to vote, if they don’t have sense enough to see this, they should turn around and look in a mirror. Maybe they’ll see something looking back at them that might resemble some resemblance of sense. I don’t know. These people have gone on and on, and they’re doing nothing, especially our silly mayor up there needs to be gotten out. Thank you.

If the liberal media and the Democratic Party could just stop their hate for Donald Trump for two seconds, the world would be a whole lot better place. These people continue to show their foolishness by trying to find fault with every word that comes out of the man’s mouth. They cannot see any good that he is doing or trying to do. They’re too busy trying to find fault and trying to see how much they can turn people against him or how much they can hate the man. They’re showing their foolishness, because they are forcing people to the Republican Party. They are moving people in record numbers from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party because of their foolishness.

I’ve called in before and said the only reason they got me out of the 12th grade, the junior class needed somewhere to sit. At 82 years old, this is the first time in my life I’ve ever heard anybody make a direct threat against the United States of America, going to turn us into ashes. And Trump tells them that he’s going to bring down fire and brimstone on them. And some of the people say that’s too strong. I don’t understand it. I am glad that I did learn a little something in school. But if these journalists in there, and the Democrats, Maxine Waters said what we ought to do is give them what they want. I hadn’t heard the man say he wanted anything except to shoot a missile over here with a nuclear warhead on it, which I don’t think he can do. But the very idea that he’s even threatening to do it. And now, they found out when he perfected nuclear warhead, it was Barack Hussein Obama was in. And you never heard one word about it. Thank goodness we have got a man that will fire back if something does happen.

Yes, Beep, I was just wondering how much coverage the News & Record is going to do on the Wyndham Championship, or does the Wyndham have to call in their scores? The Cardinal Amateur, nationwide top amateur event, wasn’t covered, not one sentence all week. And when I called the News & Record they said, “Well, nobody called us.” So, I’m just wondering if the Wyndham has to call them. I thought there was a thing called reports where people went out and recorded the news for the paper. Huh. That’s kind of funny. But I bet if Donald Trump had done something wrong at the Cardinal Amateur, there would have been some reporting on it. Have a good day.

A person who has been convicted of a felony, or someone who is registered as a sex offender, or has a drug offense of any kind, cannot live in a government-subsidized, or income-restricted apartment. They are turned down immediately. But, yet, someone who is a registered sex offender, a known drug dealer, or someone who is a convicted felon, if they have the money, they can live in a nice, gated, restricted community with no questions asked. But, yet, people continue to talk about poor people, and the communities of poor people, and the income-restricted, and the government-subsidized apartment complexes like they are crime infested.

Just got a surprise. Went to the ABC store on Randleman Road, and they no longer accept $100 bills. Apparently, the Greensboro board has decided – I don’t know what they decided. So, I don’t know if anybody else had heard this or not. But I got slapped with it this morning and just – I don’t know. Just one more step – one more thing we can’t do. So, anyway, I thought I would just let everybody know. Thanks.

I just saw in the Rhino Times this Thursday that the village fool, aka Joe Biden, is coming to Greensboro on Sept. 17 at Guilford College. Everybody should be smart enough to not go and just let it be empty for that fool.

Since May 2017, we’ve had a thug come through, profanity towards us, done damage to our homes, and everything else. Luckily, on July 28 we were able to apprehend this thug with the efficient cooperation of Greensboro Police Department. He had bothered us earlier in the day. We called. The officers responded. We advised him of the situation. They stayed in the area. We knew he would come back. He took his shirt off to disguise his appearance and came back We re-contacted the police. They came in with two vehicles and apprehended the individual, along with the other thugs. Come to find out, he’s 15 years of age. He’s been living in this area for only two months. He has wreaked havoc here and everything else. The officers have contacted his parents. And, hopefully, this will take care of the situation.

Thank you to John Brown for stepping up to run for mayor of Greensboro. With higher taxes and fewer jobs and fewer new businesses, we need new leadership. Thank you, Rhino. Bye.

Hello, Beep. Well, another half a day on Yanceyville this morning. I come down across Lake Townsend. Across the bridge is a curve. Go around that curve, and here come a black SUV. Passed me going up a hill, around a curve. There’s a white pickup truck coming down the hill. He finally got behind me again. Now, somebody don’t come down here and do something about these loads. The chief of police is sorry. Everybody tells me it’s the county commissioners. He’s sworn to do a job. But somebody has got to fix these streets before somebody gets killed. On Yanceyville, they don’t even think about a red light. On Bessemer Avenue, they don’t think about a red light, because they’re fools.