Literally, from the most decent, humble and classy president in modern American history to quite the opposite of everything that’s good and decent. Wow. Poetry is an act of peace. Peace, an act of poetry. Thank you, Beep.

Yes, I’m calling regarding an editorial letter that I just read by a candidate in District 5 who is opposing Tony Wilkins. He accuses Tony of supporting a woman batterer. He accuses Tony of being a liar. And he says that he hates – or Tony hates cops. All of this is bull manure. This particular candidate has tried to run for something, for anything, just to get elected for years. Why would a current uniformed police officer not have the avid support of the local Police Officers Association? That’s interesting in itself. On the other hand, Tony has received the endorsement of the Greensboro Firefighters Association.

It is time for Sen. McCain to resign from the Senate. I don’t wish him any bad luck with his health problems, but, with his vote, he has hurt millions and millions and millions of American families. He has no feelings for the American family. And, also, he’s trying to be a star in working with the Democrats, like the Democrats worked with Republicans for the last eight years. What a big laugh. And it is time for Mitch McConnell to step aside. He has done nothing, very little leadership, and he buckled into Obama for eight years. It’s time for Mitch to go back to Kentucky. Thanks.

Do away with all health care. It should have never been put in place the first time. Anybody that’s got little enough sense to give Iran $150 billion, and his wife, who was not elected to anything, change the school lunches, and the children was throwing their food away, anybody who doesn’t have any more sense than that, and also told us our insurance would come down to $2,500 a year, don’t know what’s going on. Kenya is still there, and the planes fly every day.

This is your friendly neighborhood immigration specialist. Let me remind you progressives who seem to think you’ve got a global view on what it is to be up-to-date, modern and in the moment. With immigration and visas, you have no idea what you’re talking about. Merit-based visas and immigration is the only way that it’s equitable. I don’t care about your relatives. I don’t care about your grandmothers or your second cousins. The individual applying for the visa, individual applying to immigrate, it’s merit-based. And it’s tipped in favor of we, the government. We have the discretion. You, the applicant, are in competition with all other people. If you don’t add up, have a nice day. And I’ll illustrate this point again with our nearest neighbor, Canada, which is precisely their system, a merit-based visa and immigration system. So, take your progressive ideas and get out of your little neighborhood and get a better perspective.

Hey, I just love all these painted rocks they’re putting around town. I think that’s so wonderful. It’s going to bring the community together. But what are they going to do when Ernest T comes to town and starts throwing them rocks? Also, what’s going to happen when all these landscapers, and people around town that do a lot of grass mowing, they can’t mow anything with a lot of rocks in their way? I don’t think these people were thinking. I don’t know. It’s me, it’s me. Ernest T.

I’m calling in reference to a safety issue on Elwell Avenue between Phillips and Wendover. We have had several motorcyclists, those off-road motorcyclists, four-wheel motorcyclists and two-wheel motorcyclists coming through that area at a high rate of speed. The posted speed limit is 35 miles an hour. They are doing at least 45 to 50. They do wheelies, cut cars off, pass on the double yellow line going in both directions, going through stop signs, and almost struck children when they go past cars, and some have gone up on the sidewalk and the grass. I brought this to the attention of the district commander and the officers in District 4 in the Greensboro Police Department. They advised me that they have a policy that says they cannot pursue or chase any motorcyclists. I’ve had officers at my residence several times. I’ve even pointed out the offenders to them, and they told me they could not do anything about it.

We have called ordinance control or enforcement several times in reference to a large SUV with no tags parked on the sidewalk in the 2400 block of Phillips Avenue. This has been there for several weeks. They’ve been told several times, as well as the police officers in District 4. The officers advise they will notify code enforcement but nothing’s been done. We have disabled people in that area that have to walk into the street, almost being struck by vehicles. And, also, people in motorized wheelchairs that cannot use the sidewalk. Something needs to be done about this before there is a fatality there. Also, on Elwell Avenue, between Phillips and Wendover, the vehicles are speeding at excessive speeds past the 35-mile-per-hour limit. This is continuously done. The police in District 4 have been advised of it but nothing has been done to abate this situation.

Good morning, Beep. These politicians, both parties, Democrats and Republicans, are robbing us blind, living the high life on our dollar up in Washington and treating us like dirt. When are we going to get tired of it and do something about it? Vote them out. March on Washington. Whatever it takes. Have a great Sunday.

Well, the news and birdcage liner did it again. I called Thursday to stop the paper for a week, from Saturday to Saturday. They said OK. They confirmed it. I left on Saturday to go on vacation. There’s a newspaper waiting for me. So I called them again, and they said, oh, yes, it’s supposed to be stopped. We’re sorry. We’ll make sure it’s stopped. And they confirmed the stoppage again. And, then, when I came back the following Saturday, there were seven newspapers waiting for me. I sent them an email over the weekend. Never got a response. Called them on the phone. They said, oh, yes, I don’t know how this happened again, and I’m sure this will never happen again. And I just told them, I’m sure it’s not going to happen again because I’m canceling my subscription immediately. What this town needs is a good daily newspaper. Thank you.

A famous American apparently condemns and resents the decision of Great Britain to reclaim its sovereignty and independence by leaving the EU. In a recent television interview about Brexit, he sarcastically told the British people to “enjoy your miserable life on your island”.  These remarks will not endear him to anyone in Britain, but then he›s not a very prepossessing fellow to begin with. The speaker was the repulsive liberal creep from America’s Rust Belt, Michael Moore. It would be difficult to think of a more crass, crude and rude American to offer advice to the British on how to avoid a miserable life. He has obviously discovered that a life of morbid obesity in the decaying Rust Belt is the key to happiness. Good luck, buddy.  Just sign me off as An Independent Thinker.

Yes, I’m calling in reference to UNCG moving into Glenwood. I thought that would be a good thing. But when they moved into here, they moved out Fletcher’s Grill. They moved out our laundry mat. They moved out a place that repaired washing machines and dryers. All the good things that was of benefit to the neighborhood. But there’s one thing they didn’t move out – that old club that sits up there on Neal Street. Why didn’t you move that place?

Hi. Yeah, I called earlier, but I didn’t leave a message because, well, you know, it’s just so uncool. So, John, give me a call back. I’ll fill you in on what’s on my mind. Thanks.

Just a bit of information about Nancy Pelosi. She was born in Baltimore City. She attended a fairly prestigious Catholic school, elementary school, to which she was driven by in a chauffeured driven limousine. She would get out of the car when the chauffeur opened the door. He would hand little Nancy her book bag, and she would go into school. And little Nancy grew up, and now addresses herself as, quote, master legislator. Thought someone would like to know that. Bye-bye.

Good morning, Beep. Well, it’s another happy day in Greensboro. Going down Yanceyville this morning where they got one of those things that tells your speed. A car passed me running 62 miles an hour, and not a policeman in sight. And they’re all sitting over there at that office in Proximity. They got a new sign up there: No U-turn at Textile Drive. The first day, yesterday, a girl turned around and made a U-turn right there. If you want to live in a ticket-free environment, move to Greensboro, North Carolina. You can do anything you want to do. No tags, no insurance, no nothing. You will not be bothered. Now, Mr. Hammer, you always write Under the Hammer about politics and Trump. I voted for Trump anyway. Why don’t you write about the City of Greensboro and how they don’t enforce the law? And I thought they were sworn in to enforce the law. They don’t do it. Commissioners are sworn in to do their job. They don’t do nothing.

Hello, Beep. Yeah, I read the article about the 16- and 17-year-olds are not going to be charged or tried as adults. What’s wrong with you people? They’re adults. They’re old enough to quit school. They’re old enough to get a job if they’d work. If they were out working, they wouldn’t be out stealing and getting in trouble. Who is going to keep up all the little babies they got?

To the editor of the Rhino. Mr. John, I am an 80-year-old black male who can remember the ’80s, when this country had a crack epidemic. The slogan was: War on Drugs. Fast forward. Now the remedy is, we need to help these people. Would you explain that to us? I respect your opinion. Thank you.

Read where the animal shelter has been fined for neglect for leaving animals in the heat. Don’t think any charges were filed against any other 40-plus staff members. The second shelter director resigned. Marshall Williams and staff of less than 10, their names were dragged through the mud. Williams and staff managed two shelters. They were doing more for less. The issues at the animal shelter will remain until Mrs. Williams and staff are given an apology and returned to employment. You can’t treat people differently because of their color. God moves in mysterious ways. Have a good day.

I called and asked this question many times. You never printed it. I guess that means you don’t have an answer. Maybe if you would print it, someone out there reading your paper might have an answer. But I’d sure like to know. What is the profit margin on a child’s education at a charter school? Please, somebody out there, tell me.

Hi. I’m calling about the healthcare situation that’s going on in Washington, DC. I think it’s time that the Republicans move on this healthcare thing. They’ve been promising the American people for seven years that they would fix this thing. And now that they can’t do it because of John McCain, and the woman from Maine, and Murkowski from Alaska, I think it’s a shame that these three people held up this whole thing. And they promised that they would do it before. But now they won’t do it. I think it’s dirty. And I think John McCain needs to go. I think that he needs to go. I think he needs to step down, and I think the Collins lady, Susan Collins needs to step down, and Murkowski needs to step down. I think all these three people that didn’t vote for this, that voted against this, needs to step aside.

I heard a man say on TV a while back that we are a nation of immigrants, therefore we should allow anybody to immigrate here from anywhere that wanted to. Obviously, he has not thought that through. China could send us 650 million and still have 650 million. They would then have two countries, because 650 million can outvote 300 million. India could send us 500 million and still have 500. Two-thirds of Africa would come here, most of Russia. We could end up with two or three billion people. We can’t provide jobs for our 300 million.

In 1492, Columbus set sail and landed in what is now Central America. The indigenous people had never seen white people. They seemed friendly and not dangerous. The Indians then had three choices. First was to kill them. The second choice was to release them. This was the worst choice. As soon as Columbus landed back in Spain, the Native Americans’ doom was sealed. The natives could not see across the ocean of all the millions of white people who had for thousands of years been oppressed by the governments, the intelligentsia and the church. Third choice was to take Columbus captive, learn to communicate with him, stop all their infighting and form a united front to repel any invading forces that came here. The rest is a tragic history for Native Americans.

Well, this is about the National Folk Festival in Greensboro. They’re won’t let food vendors from Guilford County and Greensboro participate. They need to get them from out-of-town and out-of-state. And I’m wondering, when are they going to start charging the people who live in Greensboro a price to get into the folk festival. I’m already paying with my taxes. I don’t know what they want. Thank you.

You know, in 1964 they had the New York World’s Fair. And all these people bring their ideas, set them up and display them and show them off. And since that happened, I don’t think it’s happened since. I’m sitting there thinking, you know, we’re probably going to have to figure out a way to generate revenue for the City of Greensboro. We might want to do basically the same thing in the City of Greensboro. Put a call out there for people who have invented new technologies, or have new ideas, or they have a product or just whatever. Have an exhibit out in the fairground parking lot, you know, where we have the fair at at the Coliseum. And let these people bring their presentations and get a booth and show their technology off.

Yeah, last time Tony Wilkins ran for City Council, he didn’t have any real competition. He just walked right in. And the second time he was appointed before that. So, he’s really never had officially a race until now. But I went by the Republican headquarters in Greensboro. They had Tony Wilkins stuff but they didn’t have anything for the other candidate that’s a Republican. So, my question is, is the other candidate going to get party support, or are they just going to push him out the door and endorse the person that’s already involved in the party and on some of the chair seats? Because, you know, with them having two Republican candidates for the first time in a while, it looks like they couldn’t be biased for one candidate. It looks like they would have to give both candidates the same equal support.

Editor’s Note: Guilford County Republican Party headquarters makes available the campaign material of any Republican candidate who brings it to the office.

Take a drive down Mendenhall Street between Spring Garden and Market. And, then, ask yourself. Who’s the fool at the city traffic department? Thanks.

Good morning, Beep. Just heard on the news that President Trump has only 50 members of his staff that’s been approved. Not only are the Democrats slow walking the government, but they’re also slow walking every human being that’s out here. It’s mindboggling the way these people are acting. Just remember that when you go to the voting booth, what these people are doing. It’s just a shame. Have a good day.

I just received my bill from the News & Record. They failed to mention that they had another price increase. They snuck another one in. I think you’d have to print it for anybody to know it unless they pick it up out of thin air. Please print it so people will know. They snuck in another price increase. Thank you.

Please, someone help me with this. My father is 89 years old. He was in the Korean War. He’s a Purple Heart recipient. He’s never asked for a penny from this country. Never gotten anything from this country. Now he needs it. He needs help. He needs medicine. He needs something from the VA. He can’t get squat from them. It’s almost like if you didn’t serve – if you served in the Iraq or Afghanistan War, or something like that, they’re all over you. They give you anything you want. I hear of people all the time that were in that. They get disability. They get this. They get that. My father hasn’t gotten squat. And he is a Korean War veteran with a Purple Heart. Somebody, please, help me. Give me a phone number or something to call. We have jumped through so many hoops to try to get this man something, and they – you know what they told me? He makes too much money. He’s 89 years old. He don’t make any money. He doesn’t work. How does he make too much money? It’s ridiculous.

Editor’s Note: I recommend you call your congressman.

Yeah, I got one more thing to say, too. These Republicans like foolish John McCain, and I’m a Republican, OK? Or these foolish Democrats that think Obamacare is so great. Why don’t you get on Obamacare? I guarantee you people aren’t on Obamacare. Guess what happened when Obamacare became health care for this country? My insurance doubled. It doubled. Why is that good? And not only did it double, my copay doubled, almost tripled. And, also, when I would go to the doctor, I would pay my copay. Never got a bill. Now I get a bill because the insurance didn’t pay but this much of it. Never used to happen before Obamacare. So, if it’s so good, why don’t you people get on it?

BJ Barnes is an excellent, excellent sheriff of Guilford County. But what would you say if he had a son-in-law with no police experience and he put him in charge of patrol operations for the county of Guilford, much like that foolish president put his son-in-law in charge of foreign affairs with no experience? Would we stand for BJ doing that? Heck no.

Corrupt corruption. My name is Trump.

Hi. I’m calling about the panel that Mueller has got going, the grand jury panel that had been leaking out that Mueller has got going on Donald Trump. I just want to say this. I think that the Republican Party has just gone to hell in a handbasket. They said that if we gave them the House and the Senate and the White House that they could pass all these bills. Well, they lied. And now they got all that, they’re trying to destroy the president. You know, how dirty of them to do all this. Mitch McConnell, he needs to step down. Paul Ryan needs to step down. And that Flake guy, he needs to go. And you got John McCain. He needs to step down. And Lindsey Graham, he needs to go.

I have a question. Has the civil rights museum paid their water bill, the property tax? I know Duke Power is looking the other way with their power bill. Could the average citizen do that? Thank you, and have a great day.

Rhino Times, Thursday August 3. City Council’s $95K Payment to Dejuan Yourse. This guy is something else. I can’t believe that this foolish city has given him $95,000. The man is a criminal. The two cops quit, I understand. They should have been awarded a medal. What a bunch of phonies we’ve got on the City Council. They all should be gotten rid of, really, except the one guy that voted against giving him any money. Thank you.

Four or five years ago when we had mad cow disease in the United States, the health department determined that it was a national problem that needed to be resolved. They then undertook to track it on down. And after about a year, they finally located the one individual cow that started the whole mad cow disease problem with the infection. If the US government can track down one cow amongst the billions that must be in the country, it sounds ridiculous that we cannot find leakers, hundreds of thousands of leakers, in the White House who are giving up national security information on President Trump. I think it’s probably inside information, and they’re protecting each other.

I’m an 82-year-old that called in last week about not allowing people to carry guns like in the City of High Point since they’ve had so much murder. And the editor’s note said I better read the Second Amendment. I knew about the Second Amendment before I called in. Here’s what I do not understand. I see signs on doors, being a route salesman: No guns allowed. The Second Amendment said they could, but these places say they can’t. You cannot carry a gun in. So, if you can’t carry a gun in certain places, they could certainly pass a law, looks like to me, you couldn’t walk down the street with a gun in the city limits of High Point, Greensboro, Asheboro or anyplace else. Why wouldn’t that work? And, again, having a permit to have a gun and concealing it is two different things. I went to Georgia some time back, and I called every highway patrol, Georgia, South Carolina. In North Carolina, you can leave it laying out. The others you have it put up. But you tell them when you get stopped that you’ve got a gun is what they told me.

Editor’s Note: The Second Amendment regulates government, not private businesses.

In the last 16 years, 2,717 police officers have been killed in the United States. That’s an average of 170 a year. Since 1992 to the present, there have only been two occasions where over 200 police officers have been killed. That will be 2001 and 2007, both while George W. Bush was president. Last year there were only 143 police officers killed in the United States. So the person that called in and said that a police officer gets killed every day, and that it is just some big huge thing, if you look at the numbers and you average it out, it’s about the same every year for probably the last, I don’t know, since about 1982.

Old Man Rockingham here. I just can’t stand it no more. What is the job of these sports analysts nowadays? Are they an employment agency? Because all I hear is how somebody ought just to hire this Colin Kaepernick. I’m sorry. He was an embarrassment. You don’t want to stand up for our country that makes you millions of dollars every year? And the stats that he’s saying are from three to four years ago. Maybe he really isn’t that good. Bye. Have a good day.

You want to talk about collusion, monopolies of the North Carolina government. How about the collusion monopoly with Time Warner Cable and Spectrum? Change the name, increase the rates, reduce the services. Hold the consumer hostage on their internet and their entertainment. Now that’s a monopoly.