Guilford County government is just about to take a new look at your property to see how much it’s worth – to see how much the county can collect in taxes on it – and, on Thursday, Nov. 4, you’ll have a chance to share your views on the process if you want.  The Guilford County Board of Commissioners has scheduled a public hearing that evening “to receive public comment regarding the 2022 Schedule of Values,” which includes the guidelines, timeline, standards and rules that will pertain to Guilford County’s 2022 real property tax revaluation.

Guilford County government conducts the revaluations – also known as “revals” – once every five years.  In accordance with state law – NC General Statute 105-317 to be exact – the county commissioners are holding the public hearing to take input on the process.

Note that this is a hearing on the reevaluation as a whole and this is not a time for you to come before the board and tell the commissioners that your house is valued too high and the county is taking more than it should from you in property taxes.  The time for that will be after the 2022 revaluation once you see that skyrocketed tax value due to the strong spike in housing prices over the last several years.

Guilford County Tax Director Ben Chavis and the Tax Department want to keep things fair.  State law requires appraising real property “at its true value and at its present use.” Appraisers working for the county are expected to appraise the property “equitably.”

The proposed guidelines, key dates and other related materials can be found at The document is attached to the agenda for the board’s Nov. 4 meeting, which will start at 5:30 p.m. 

. Formal adoption of the 2022 Schedules of Values by the Board of Commissioners is expected to take place on Thursday, Nov. 18.