When people talk about helping the animals at the Guilford County animal shelter, they’re often talking about adopting the dogs and cats, but there are a lot of other important ways people can help out – ways that don’t require quite the full-time commitment being a loving pet owner does.

Currently, Guilford County Animal Services needs shelter volunteers willing to take on a wide variety of duties, all in an effort to help out man’s best friend as well as kittens and cats, and, really, quite a few other interesting types of animals.

The shelter is seeking people 18 years or older to help out. However, exceptions can be made to that age restriction in some cases.

The needs of the shelter change over time, but below are some examples of jobs Guilford County Animal Services seeks volunteer help with:

• Administrative Helpers. These volunteers assist the shelter’s volunteer coordinator with handling administrative services.

• Dog Enrichment Providers. These people help out by walking and grooming dogs, and engaging in other enrichment activities with the furry friends.

• “Dogs Day Out” Hosts.  The animals don’t want to stay couped up in the shelter all the time.  Even if someone isn’t ready to adopt a pet, they can take a dog out for a day of walks, treats and stimulating interaction.

• Event Helpers. Another option is to assist animal services staff with on-site and off-site events such as adoption fairs and community outreach vaccination programs.

• Creatives. Though this is a “limited program currently in progress,” the shelter needs volunteers who are skilled photographers and writers. The difference between whether an animal is adopted or not often come down to how it looks in the photographs and how wonderful it sounds in the descriptions.

• Virtual Adoptions Volunteers.  These people assist shelter staff with virtual adoption calls.

• Early Morning Kennel Cleaners. You have to be a really good human being to get up early in the morning for no pay and drive out to the shelter to help staff clean out animal cages. But there are some very good people in Guilford County and, if you take the shelter up on this volunteer offer, it can only help you get into heaven.

• “Comfort Crew” Workers. These volunteers help the shelter put on events with the pups at nursing homes and similar facilities to spread joy and provide comfort to the residents.

• Cat Enrichment Helpers. They socialize and groom the felines and also provide enriching activities.

• Lobby Greeters.  Think Wal-Mart Greeters but with more animals around.  These volunteers help guide customers to adoption rooms and field various questions.

• Pet of the Week Volunteers.  The shelter often needs staff assistance with media appearances when animals are featured for adoption on local television or radio.

Those interested in helping out should point their web browsers to https://guilfordanimalresourcecenter.galaxydigital.com.