In a world where violence and sexual assault are all too common, anyone can suddenly find themselves as an onlooker to a potentially violent or otherwise dangerous situation.

Those with no training might not know how to react to a given confrontation – which is why the City of High Point is addressing that very thing in an upcoming virtual training class.

In some cases, a bystander may be someone who knows an assailant or victim while, in other cases, the bystander might not know either, but that bystander could still be available to help – in some cases by intervening in the right way.

Now, Family Service of the Piedmont, working with the High Point Public Library, is presenting a training workshop called “Bystander Intervention.” The free virtual workshop via Zoom on will offer guidance on the best ways to intervene in an emergency situation – which can often involve sexual assault.

Just as knowing CPR can be a life-saving skill when a bystander knows how to perform it, proper bystander intervention practices in assaults can also be critically important.

The Wednesday, March 16 work session will take place from 2 to 3 p.m. and will offer skills and techniques for beneficial intervention while mitigating the risk to the  intervenor.

“There may be many situations that happen that require you to intervene and act accordingly,” states the workshop’s promotional material. “Taking action and interfering safely is an essential skill. Stepping in can make all the difference, but it should never put your own safety at risk.”

The training will follow the “C.A.R.E. Method”– a system of intervention that event sponsors call “a collection of tried and true practices to help others in uncomfortable and potentially dangerous situations.”

For the Zoom link to attend – or to inquire about other information – those interested can contact Maxine Days by calling  336-883-3646 or by sending an email to