WFMY News 2 Weatherman Eric Chilton has a lot of talents other than knowing when it’s going to rain and when the sun is going to shine – and now his station is putting more of his talent to use.

This week, Chilton became the station’s new 5 p.m. news anchor along with his co-anchor and good friend Lauren Coleman.

His longtime fans may miss his constant atmospheric conditions’ prognostications. However, Chilton’s fans will still get to see him do the weather from time to time.

Chilton calls this “yet another step” in his career.

Someone once said that life is a circle and, in Chilton’s case, that’s certainly true.

He got his start in television three and half decades ago as a news anchor and, later in his career, weather just kind of “fell in along the way.”

Chilton is truly an entertainment jack of all trades.  He’s done news, weather, human interest, and energetically hosted community events. He’s also hosted TV talk shows like the Four 2 Five and – years ago when he worked in the sunshine state– Good Day Tampa Bay.

He also has a lot of musical talent.  His band Eric and The Chill Tones was an area fan favorite until the band went on hiatus last year. The band, which played beach music and a whole lot more, was good at getting people up and dancing, and Chilton told the Rhino Times that he still gets asked about the band all the time.

Chilton said demands on this time have caused him to put the music on hold for now, but he hopes to get back to performing with the Chill Tones when things in his life are a little less crazy.

Chilton also said that WFMY viewers should stay tuned because there are “more surprises to come” for News 2.