The Guilford County Board of Commissioners is planning to sell the Monticello Community Center site at 5009 NC 150 East in Brown Summit to Greensboro Batting Center Inc – unless someone else gives the county a better offer.

The board will discuss the matter at its Thursday, Sept 1 meeting.

Guilford County has received an offer to purchase the site from Greensboro Batting Center and by law the county has to put the property out for upset bids.

The site has been well known in the community in that area. It was at one time an elementary school that was torn down several years ago. The property up for sale is just over 6.5 acres and it includes a gym, a baseball field and a gravel parking lot.

The offer from the batting center is an even $100,000.

Greensboro Batting Center, which offers baseball and softball training and related services provides sites for those purposes, opened in 1987.  Over the years, the center has expanded operations in the area and has supported nationally ranked teams.

According to county staff notes presented to the county commissioners, “The offer is consistent with the value of the land. The value of the gym is difficult to determine based on needed repairs and upgrades to make it functional and code compliant. The gymnasium floor and bathrooms would need significant repair to adequately use the property and it would require an installation of proper ventilation for the gym. The parking lot would require grading and paving to meet ADA requirements and accessibility requirements for the building.”

County staff have conducted a “best use analysis” of the property and found that, given the Guilford County Parks Department’s current needs, it doesn’t make sense for the county to spend the money to fix up the gym, bring it up to code and offer it for public use.

County staff has already sought out others that might be interested in using the property but found little interest.

No one has rented the site in over a year, and, as it stands right now, Guilford County is spending about $12,000 a year to keep the property mowed and trimmed.

The purchase offer is for $100,000, with a 5 percent deposit to be paid upon the Board of Commissioners’ proposal to accept the offer.

Under North Carolina law, the county will need to publish notice of the offer and allow 10 days for upset bids.