If you live in Greensboro, never say that your federal tax dollars don’t get you something in return.

The US Navy has selected Greensboro as one of 20 cities for a performance by the United States Navy Band during its 2020 tour.

The Navy Band is really three groups in one the Concert Band, the Sea Chanters chorus, and the Cruisers – a group that performs popular music hits. The show is scheduled for Tuesday, March 17, at 7 p.m. at West Wing B of the Greensboro Coliseum Complex Special Events Center.

The show will cost zero dollars (not counting what you’ve already paid in taxes), and it’s family friendly and open to everyone. This is one of the signature outreach programs of the Navy.

As the original ensemble of the Navy Band, the Concert Band has been performing open concerts and taking part in other high-profile events for nearly a century. The Sea Chanters are the official chorus of the Navy and the Cruisers popular music group performs a wide variety of numbers. The show will feature a good deal of variety, including music ranging from traditional wind band numbers to Broadway hits, to popular rhythm and blues tunes, and pop and patriotic songs.

According to promotional material for the event the musicians are “world-class talents” who “create a dynamic musical production sure to delight audiences of all ages.”

One of the Navy band’s primary responsibilities involves touring the United States. All of the band’s performing units go on a concert tour each year, allowing the band to reach out to audiences in areas of the country that don’t usually get an opportunity to see the Navy’s performers first-hand.

The Navy is encouraging veterans, families, and people with an interest in joining to come out.

But be aware, the event is also meant to get people to enlist. If you sign up to ship out that night, make sure you really want to do that and aren’t just temporarily enthralled by the pageantry and melodic nature of the evening. Navy life is not all perfect musical harmony and Broadway hits – you might find yourself crammed into a nuclear submarine for weeks on end.