A lot of people in Guilford County and around the country – and around the world for that matter – are big fans of Toyota, which makes vehicles known for their affordability and their extremely strong reputation for reliability.

It turns out that Guilford County government and its fleet management staff are also big fans of the brand.  That’s evident because the county is buying 14 new vehicles to close out 2023 – and they’re all Toyotas.

The budget the commissioners adopted six months ago for fiscal year 2023-2024 included just over a million and a half dollars for the planned purchase of 12 new vehicles and 12 replacement vehicles.  This current batch purchase will cover over half of those needs.

After a competitive bid process conducted by the Guilford County Purchasing Department, the Fleet Operations Department requested approval from the county commissioners to buy 11 Toyota Tacoma trucks and three Toyota Camry LE sedans from Toyota of Greensboro – better known as Rice Toyota.

The commissioners are scheduled to approve the purchase this week.

The cost for each of the Tacoma trucks is $31,800 and the cost of the Camrys is an even $26,000 each.

Many times, when Guilford County buys big ticket items like cars and trucks, it does so under a State of North Carolina agreement with vendors that offers great prices due to economies of scales.  However, the purchase prices of these 14 autos from Rice Toyota are better than current state contract pricing would have brought.

The total cost for all fourteen cars and trucks is $427,000 – significantly less than the $530,000 budgeted for that purpose.

Some of the auto purchasing plans were made during the pandemic when car prices were sky high.

The Camrys will be replacements for vehicles assigned to public health and social services workers.

The Toyota Tacoma trucks will go to inspections and planning staff among others.