There’s a lot of controversy over who should be the next District 3 Guilford County Board of Education member – but there’s no question as to who occupied that seat last.

New Guilford County Commissioner Pat Tillman held that school board seat until early December of last year and now he has a lot to say about the way the vacancy should be filled.

Tillman said this week that the Democrats on the Board of Education who keep rejecting the Republican Party’s choice for the seat ought to follow the intent of the law, stop their nonsense and appoint teacher Michael Logan to the seat.

Tillman said that, because of petty political motives, the Democrats on the school board are robbing the entire District 3 of its rightful representation.  Tillman was sworn onto the Board of Commissioners in December and since then there has been no one in the school board seat.

The Guilford County Republican Party has chosen Logan to fill the seat but each time his nomination comes before the school board it has been voted down along party lines.

Republican NC state Rep. Jon Hardister has filed a bill that would take that power of rejecting a party nominee away from the school board and Tillman said he hopes that bill becomes law and gets the Republican Party’s choice onto the board.

“It’s unfortunate that a group on the Board of Education is putting politics and personality ahead of the interests of the people of District 3,” Tillman said.  “Tens of thousands of people have had no representation for months.  It’s not right.  I don’t think the school board should make any important decisions without representation for the district.”

“The intent of the law is very clear,” Tillman added. “The  local political party is to pick their nominee. That’s who should fill the vacancy. Then that person will have to run for reelection.”

Tillman said the Democratic members of the school board who voted three times not to seat Logan are essentially ignoring the law on the grounds of, “Well, I don’t like that person.”

The Democrats on the board are displeased with some things Logan has said publicly and posted online.

“Who are these angels?” Tillman asked, adding that it’s too bad if the Democrats on the board don’t like Logan, what he has to say, or his social media posts.

“They talk all the time about how they support teachers and respect them and protect them – but I guess it’s only certain teachers.”  Tillman said.

He added that he’s optimistic Hardister’s bill will pass quickly and an end can be put to this political posturing by the Democrats who simply don’t like Logan.