The Greensboro City Council isn’t going to adopt a resolution calling this week “Traffic Detour Week” in the city; however, as local drivers can attest, there’s been a whole lot of road work going on in Greensboro lately and those efforts will continue full steam ahead from April 4 to April 11 as work crews engage in what are largely resurfacing projects.

A press release from the city states what everyone already knows: The road construction “will affect traffic flow in those areas.”

One project that could be particularly disruptive will take place on April 6 and April 10 when crews will be working on Brassfield Road between Battleground Avenue and New Garden Road.

Drivers are encouraged to use alternate routes in order to avoid work areas.

The schedules for each job are dependent on weather conditions and the availability of materials and equipment.

You can visit to learn more about lane and road closures and to sign up to receive email notifications about upcoming work on city streets.

All jobs will alternate lane closures from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Here’s a list of the projects:

Projects for April 4

These will be paving projects.

•Allenbrooke Drive between Fairfax Road and Beckford Drive

•Farmbrooke Drive between Allenbrooke Drive and Random Drive

•Random Drive from Allenbrooke Drive to the dead end

Projects for April 4-5 and April 10-11

These are all milling an additional work. In this process, milling machines use a large rotating drum to remove and grind the road surface.

•Cottingham Court between High View Road and the cul-de-sac

•High View Circle between High View Road and the cul-de-sac

•High View Road between Muirfield Drive and Inman Road

Projects for April 5

These are all paving projects.

•Cabot Court between Cabot Drive and the cul-De-Sac

•Hillway Drive between Norwood and Cabot Drive

•Norwood Drive between Hillway Drive and Cabot Drive

Projects for April 6

•These are also paving projects

•Ravenwood Drive between Underwood Drive and Buddingwood Drive

•Underwood Drive between Meadowood Street and Springtime Drive

•Virgilwood Drive between Meadowood street and Ravenwood Drive

Project for April 6 and April 10

•Brassfield Rd between Battleground Ave and New Garden – Milling

Projects for April 10-11

Some of these involve milling and some will be other work.

•Terrault Drive between Horse Pen Creek Road and the cul-de-sac

•Grasmere Drive between Terrault Drive and the cul-de-sac

•Tagus Drive between Amidon Drive and Terrault Drive

•Staghorn Drive between Ardoch Court and the cul-de-sac

•Ardoch Court between Terrault Drive and the cul-de-sac

•Ardoch Drive between Talmaga Drive and Terrault Drive

Project for April 11

•Cottage Place between Lake Jeanette Road and Lawndale Drive. This will be a road milling project.

You can visit to learn more about the 80 miles of streets the city intends to pave in 2023.