For years and years, two different factions of Summerfield have been battling over the future of the town, and that fight will come to a head on Tuesday, Feb. 21.

That’s when the Summerfield Town Council is expected to essentially decide the future of a large residential project proposed by Summerfield developer David Couch.

Two years ago, Couch officially proposed an earlier version of the project, the Villages of Summerfield Farms. The project has become a focal point in the battle between those in Summerfield who welcome development and consider growth inevitable, and those who moved to Summerfield because they wanted to be far away from apartment complexes and residential developments of greater density.

Couch’s project has gone through a number of revisions – most recently reducing the number of apartments planned – and a special Summerfield Town Council meeting has been called for Feb. 21.  The council often meets in a small community center.  However, due to the intense interest in this project, this meeting will be held at the First Baptist Church on Scalesville Road in Summerfield.

After the announcement of the meeting, signs regarding the potential development began popping up around town – and a very lively discussion is now expected to take place in the church on Feb. 21.

There are a lot of questions that may be addressed at the meeting.  One big one is which municipal water system could provide water service to the site. Guilford County government recently handed out millions in federal relief dollars to small towns in the county for water infrastructure, but Summerfield wasn’t on that list.

A note posted on the Town of Summerfield’s website states that the decision regarding the development will not be made without elected leadership weighing input from the community – which is exactly what they can expect at the meeting.

“Mr. Couch’s proposal generated a lot of community reaction,” the statement on Summerfield’s website reads.  “Initially, the proposal involved Summerfield, Guilford County, and Greensboro, although the concept has evolved and land use decisions are the critical piece before this project could advance. Such decisions will not be made apart from Summerfield citizen input. Town hall has shared information from the beginning and it is understood that residents are passionate about how our desirable town grows.”

The current Town Council, when elected, was considered to be very pro-development.  However, there’s been a huge deal of push back from a large number of town residents – and the mayor and several councilmembers will face reelection later this year.