When Summerfield Town Councilmember Jonathan Hamilton put out a press release on Sunday, June 23, it was obvious that he was very emphatic about what he was stating because the title of the press release was in all-caps and had not one, but two exclamation marks at the end – both of those in red, by the way.

The reason for all the intense energy in the air in Summerfield right now is that this coming week, which starts on Monday, June 24, will likely be one that defines the Town of  Summerfield going forward.

The NC General Assembly appears to be on the brink of de-annexing nearly 1,000 acres from the town in order to allow farmer and developer David Couch the ability to build a large residential and mixed-use development with the density he would like.

As the fight intensifies, Summerfield citizens who don’t want to see a large chunk of their town removed and become part of unincorporated Guilford County are ramping up their efforts.

In his press release, Hamilton states, “The majority of our town remains united in the fight against de-annexation, with our citizens even spear heading anti De-Annexation efforts such as the rally in Raleigh planned for June 26th.”

That rally will start at 10 a.m. on Wednesday at 16 West Jones Street in Raleigh.

The councilmember also states in his release, “As anticipated, last year’s election caused a shift in power that has been met with a desperate backlash from a small yet vocal minority. Recent months have seen a continued concerted effort by those who have lost this grip on power to aggressively lash out…..While there has been a huge amount of press regarding our previous staff’s departure, we must tread carefully over commenting on staff issues. However, make no mistake that I am excited to see a new administration be established and I believe Summerfield has a lot to gain from it.”

Since the mass exit of the entire Summerfield town staff – largely due to the way former Town Manager Scott Whitaker was treated by the majority of the Town Council – the town has chosen a well-respected interim town manager, Dana Luther, who actually held that interim manager job over a decade ago when she was the town’s finance officer.

Hamilton states, “Our enemies both outside and from within are livid at our resolve.  Regardless of the attacks, our town will undoubtedly continue to thrive and I am grateful for the support from the majority of our residents.”

He concluded by saying that he’d had great conversations with a lot of town residents over the last few weeks and he understands that the town’s citizens are seeing a bias in the local news.

“I urge our Summerfield citizens to continue paying attention,” he concludes.