A Ragsdale student attempted to bring a loaded handgun into Ragsdale High School.

Fortunately, school staff and the security officer – with the help of a metal detector – discovered the weapon and prevented the student from entering.

The student has been apprehended, but the Guilford County Sheriff’s Department is being tight-lipped about the details.

The department reported on Thursday afternoon, Jan. 5, that the incident happened that morning.

The events transpired at about 9:15 a.m. on the campus at 1000 Lucy Ragsdale Dr. in Jamestown. According to the press release from the Sherriff’s Department, the student was “immediately stopped by school staff after triggering an alert from the body scanners.”

An inspection of the student’s backpack revealed a handgun. When the gun was found, the student snatched up the backpack and ran, attempting to get off campus. However, the student was quickly spotted by Sheriff’s Department deputies, who confirmed the gun was in the backpack and found that it was loaded.

Since the person is a juvenile, the Sheriff’s Department isn’t offering many details.   State law forbids the Sheriff’s Department from releasing much information concerning the juvenile, the investigation or even the outcome. Any action taken by a juvenile court may be sealed.

This Sheriff’s Department’s release stated, “The incident was brought to a successful conclusion thanks to teamwork between the staff at Ragsdale High School, the School Resource Officer, and patrol deputies from the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office.  This incident also highlights the benefits of body scanners which were recently implemented in all Guilford County high schools.”