Last week, Republican NC State Rep. Jon Hardister was re-elected by his peers in state government to the seat of NC House Majority Whip.

The vote, which was by acclimation, took place in Raleigh at a meeting of the incoming Republican members of the NC House for the 2023-2024 legislative session.

The official stated purpose of the meeting was “to elect leadership positions for the NC House Republicans” after the party won a strong 71-49 majority in the 2022 elections.

The House Majority Whip position is an important one. The Whip is responsible for counting votes, tracking attendance and assisting the Speaker of the House with setting the schedule for the sessions.

Hardister, who was first elected to the North Carolina House a decade ago, was recently re-elected to a sixth term – and he has plenty of experience in the Whip role: He’ll now be serving his fourth consecutive term as the NC House Majority Whip.

There’s an added feather in his cap due to the latest vote by Republicans in Raleigh: Hardister is the longest-serving NC House Majority Whip in the history of the state.

In addition, he also holds the record for being the youngest person to serve in that position. Elected in 2016 at the age of 34, the 40-year-old will now continue in that role that he’s becoming very familiar with.

Hardister said after the vote that it was an honor to have earned the trust of his colleagues and he added that he was delighted to continue serving in the position.

“I look forward to working with my colleagues to advance common-sense legislation in the House,” he stated. “We will focus on economic development, job creation, education, public safety and other issues that are important to the people of North Carolina.”

Hardister is also known for sometimes having fun in government – once spearheading legislation to decide North Carolina’s state cookie.

He’s also known for posting some very cool pictures of himself on Facebook.

Other incumbents also emerged victorious in the leadership votes at the same meeting, which came out as follows:

•Speaker of the House: Rep. Tim Moore, (an incumbent)

•Speaker Pro Tem: Rep Sarah Stevens, (incumbent)

•Majority Leader: Rep. John Bell (incumbent)

• Deputy Majority Leader: Rep. Brenden Jones (incumbent)

• Conference Chair: Rep. Jason Saine

• Joint Caucus Chair: Rep. Harry Warren