In many offices, the fax machine is sitting around collecting dust.  

However, the Guilford County Department of Social Services is still using its fax machine quite a bit and county staff made that fact known on Tuesday, June 29 when the county sent out a press release announcing that the number had been changed.

The department has a new fax number for submitting benefits claims, case-related documents, applications and other information related to services. That new number is 844-837-5835. It replaces the previous fax number of 336-641-6067. 

If you’re wondering where the 844 area code is located, well, the answer is that it can be anywhere in the country.  That area code is often associated with telephone scammers because it’s not tied to any specific location.  

Guilford County Health and Human Services director Heather Skeens said the number change needed to be made.

 “Our previous fax number stopped working and faxes were not coming through,” Skeens said.  

When asked if many people still use faxes to communicate with the social services department, she said that they did.

Thankfully, the county’s machine can convert those faxes to electronic messages to prevent a mountain of paper.

“It is a fax to email system and is used quite frequently every day,” Skeens said. “This means that the fax is converted to an email.”

There are also other ways for clients of the Guilford County Health and Human Services Department to submit documents.  They can, for instance, upload documents at

 They can also mail documents to  Guilford County Department of Social Services, PO Box 3388, Greensboro, NC 27405.

They can also submit applications and information through the online “E-PASS” system electronic at .