At 6 p.m. on Wednesday, April 14, Chairman of the Guilford County Board of Commissioners Skip Alston and the mayors of the cities and towns in the county met to discuss spending plans for the millions of dollars the local governments will get in federal COVID-19 relief money and other issues. 

Unlike a similar meeting held in early March, this meeting was not announced or open to the public.

Alston said on Wednesday, just before the meeting, that he wanted the mayors to be able to talk freely among themselves as they, among other things, look at ways the county, the cities and the towns can coordinate spending plans for the maximum positive impact of what collectively will be a very large amount of money.  

Alston said other matters of common interest could be discussed at the meeting as well.

He said the money will see the highest and best use if everyone is working together.

Like a meeting held in early March between Alston and the mayors – and some top staff from the county, cities and towns – the April 14  meeting was a virtual one. 

Though the Wednesday evening meeting wasn’t open to the public as the March meeting was, Alston said he would be releasing a statement on Thursday, April 15, that would reveal the major points of discussion at the meeting.

Some residents of Summerfield who caught wind of the virtual meeting before it took place stated that they were concerned that some of the money would be used to build a water system in that town.  Though city and county attorneys are still working out exactly what the money can be spent on, the latest round of COVID-19 relief funds can be used for infrastructure in some cases.