This week, Silver Airways suddenly stopped all passenger service in and out of Piedmont Triad International Airport (PTIA).

For those who were paying attention to the airlines’ reviews and its news concerning other airports that it serves, the abrupt stoppage of service was something that they probably could have been seen coming.

Though the troubled Silver Airways has recently been adding flights – such as flights in and out of PTIA that it added this summer – it was facing financial issues with airports it already served.

For instance, in April, the Sun Sentinel newspaper reported that the cut-rate airline that offers multiple routes in Florida and the Bahamas was on the verge of having its lease at the Fort Lauderdale airport terminated due to being way behind on rent.

The airline offers passengers rock bottom ticket prices for flights with absolutely no frills.

However, online reviews offered a wide variety of damning complaints such as the sudden cancellation of flights, a complete lack of customer service, and some departure times that were four or five hours after the scheduled takeoff times.

One online reviewer wrote, “If flying to/from Gainesville I suggest you find another mode of travel. Hitchhiking will probably get you there faster than Silver Airways. There’s nothing precious about this airline named after a precious metal. Zinc Airways, Pig Iron Airways, or even Led Airways are more appropriate names.”

The flyer went on to explain that the first leg of the flight was delayed for only an hour, which they classified as “no biggie.”

But the review continued and the flyer felt OK, “Except for the comments both on and offline from people who say of all the multiple times they’ve flown Silver, not a single leg of their trip wasn’t ever delayed.”

 “So, after our 5 p.m. flight back to Gainesville was delayed by 5 hours we’d finally had enough and rented a car at the airport to drive back home,” the passenger wrote. “We got back to Gainesville 2 hours (by car) before the plane landed!”

The review stated that Silver was rated 99th out of 102 total airlines in America for worst delays.

Another one-star review stated, “I don’t want to give any stars but can’t leave review unless I do. I cannot express how bad our experience was with Silver airways in Jacksonville, FL. And if I try to describe it would take too long.”

A Google search of Silver Airways reviews offers many such complaints, though there are some positive reviews sprinkled in from people who bought a very low-cost ticket and got where they were going, if not in style.