Former Guilford County Sheriff’s Department Spokesperson Max Benbassat used to give very measured and business-like pronouncements when he worked for the Sherriff’s Department; however, after resigning, his language got a whole lot more colorful and carefree.

After turning in his resignation on Monday July 15, Benbassat stated in an email opinions that he hadn’t stated publically before.  Apparently, online comments by the former sheriff had been getting under his skin for some time.

“For the record,” he wrote, “former Sheriff [BJ] Barnes should get a life and leave Sheriff Danny H. Rogers alone and let him do his job.  The Guilford County Sheriff’s Office [GCSO] has been in existence since 1771 and not one person has the holy right to be Sheriff for life. You were a good Sheriff but times change and it’s time for a modern Sheriff that can take the office to the next level.”

Barnes, who’s running for mayor of Summerfield, has been following the very eventful recent happenings in the department and has been posting his opinions on his Facebook page.

Benbassat has apparently taken exception with Barnes’ views.

“Leave the GCSO [Guilford County Sheriff’s Office] alone and keep your [deleted] rants to yourself about our Sheriff,” Benbassat wrote, using a word that begins with “s” and rhymes with “city.”

Benbassat also stood up for Catherine Netter, the Sheriff’s Department’s former executive administrative assistant, who, like Benbassat, resigned on Monday.

“I can’t speak on Ms. Kelly Jo [Catherine] Netter’s situation in detail, but can say it was an honor to serve with her during and after the campaign and that she was never unethical and always objective in her role at the GCSO.”

Barnes and Netter have gone after one another on Facebook all year long – with Netter saying that Barnes is a racist and with Barnes leveling multiple accusations right back at Netter.