Hopefully, the group of Guilford County sheriff’s deputies pictured above won’t party too hard on New Year’s Eve because, when they set foot in the department after the first day of the New Year, they’ll have some added responsibilities and some higher titles to go along with those responsibilities. 

On Thursday, Dec. 30, Guilford County Sheriff Danny Rogers put out a press release announcing the newest batch of men and women who got promotions that will go into effect on Sunday, Jan. 2.

The announcement stated that the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office would like to “acknowledge and congratulate” the promoted officers.

The Guilford County Sheriff’s Department has been working hard to keep good officers in recent years, as vacancies have persisted and county officials complain of employee poaching by other area law enforcement agencies.  That’s a practice the Guilford County Sheriff’s Department also engages in from time to time. 

The department has been particularly interested in hiring and retaining good detention officers.

The promotions and pay increases are two ways to hold onto valued talent. 

Recently, every Guilford County employee was awarded a 5 percent pay increase, and Sheriff’s Department officers will also have greater authority in their new positions.

 “These individuals have worked extremely hard to achieve this new level of rank and it is with great honor that he is able to promote these most qualified officers,” the release states. 

The press release also notes that the promotions will create “room for new growth within the department” as well as enable more officers a chance to enhance their leadership skills.

Here are the newly promoted officers along with their new titles:

Captain Y.T. Sansour

Captain L.L. Howell

1st Lieutenant J.M. Hasty

1st Lieutenant J.R. Schipman

1st Lieutenant J.S. Eaton

1st Lieutenant J.R. Marshall

 Lieutenant D.W. Cook

Lieutenant M.L. Suits

Sergeant T.R. Fee

Sergeant C. K. Moon

Sergeant N.D. Southern

Sergeant M.M. Kennedy

Sergeant G.K. Sadler

Master Corporal R.J. Comito

Master Corporal P.J. Murphy