It’s all fun and games when you get on the back of your Harley or other motorcycle and head out to enjoy the open road – until someone gets hurt, that is.

Which is why the Guilford County Sheriff’s Department, in conjunction with Bikesafe NC, is holding a class to teach local bikers how to stay safe on the road.  To help those riders protect themselves, the department is offering a free, one-day motorcycle riding safety class.

The class, which will take place on Friday, June 21, includes both classroom time and open road training.  During the day, motorcycle riders will be paired with experienced law enforcement officers who know how to handle a bike, and those officers will critique riding skills as well as train them on proper riding techniques.

The instruction from the officers will cover, among other things, proper motorcycle control, including acceleration, braking and clutch control.  It will also cover hazard management – such as the correct way to react to sudden road dangers – as well as techniques for proper cornering and passing.

On June 21, the day will start with a classroom session in the morning, followed by a short ride in which riders will be paired with officers.  Then there will be a break for lunch followed by an afternoon classroom session – which will in turn be followed by a longer afternoon ride.  The day will conclude with a final classroom session where officers will provide concluding feedback to the riders.

Interested persons can visit and click on the “Upcoming classes” section for additional information.  The deadline for enrolling is June 19 but space is limited so riders may want to register early.