In response to a public records request made after mass firings from the Guilford County Sheriff’s Department two weeks ago, the department has provided a list of the names of all employees fired by new Sheriff Danny Rogers.

Rogers, who beat former longtime Sheriff BJ Barnes in the Tuesday, Nov. 6 election, said at the time of the firings that he needed officers who wouldn’t try to undermine his efforts out of a misplaced loyalty to Barnes.  He also said his team did an excellent job of fully vetting employees to find out which ones needed to be let go.

At the time of the firings, Barnes said he believed the number to be 27.  The list provided on Monday, Dec. 10 by the Sheriff’s Department contained 25 names.

Here is the list released by the Sheriff’s Department of full time employees who were fired: Major Jeffrey Rollins, Major Jonathan Jacobs, Deputy Bailiff Doug Garland, Human Resources Coordinator Tanya Roach, Colonel/Chief Deputy Randy Powers, Lieutenant Dwane Wood, Detention Officer Bettina Vredenburg, Master Corporal Michael Porto, Detention Officer Abigail Bartholomew, Sergeant Darryl Lanier, Master Corporal Bernard Evans, Sergeant-Deputy Eric League, and Deputy James Sykes.

The list released by the Sheriff’s Department also includes Captain Gary McDaniel, who oversaw the bailiffs as well as the department’s activities in the Guilford County court system.  A footnote next to McDaniel’s name states “Captain McDaniel retired voluntarily as of Friday, Nov. 30, 2018.”

The list of people Rogers fired includes 11 employees classified as “Retiree Call Backs,” people who were working for the Sheriff’s Department on a part-time basis.  Barnes said at the time of the firings that those employees were doing valuable work for the department, which was relying on their years of experience and their expertise in a number of significant ways.  Rogers, on the other hand, stated at the time that those employees were making a negligible contribution to the department and they needed to be let go to streamline things.

The document released by the Sheriff’s Department did not identify the rank of the retiree call-back employees that Rogers fired. That list includes Debbie Montgomery, James Sheppard, Tim Mabe, Gary Hastings, Lawrence Straughn, Steven Collins, Deborah Lemonds, Clarence Williamson, James Coleman, Wayne Howlett and Ken Watkins.

Many on of those officers played extremely important roles during their years with the department.  For instance, before retiring, Debbie Montgomery was Barnes “right-hand woman” who oversaw wide-range of department divisions.

The termination date for all employees on the list, with the exception of McDaniel, was Monday, Dec. 3 – the day Rogers was sworn in as the new sheriff.