Given the current protests over the death of George Floyd and related events, there’s no better time than right now for law enforcement agencies to attempt to close the gap between the department and the communities it protects.

The Guilford County Sheriff’s Department is trying to do just that.

On Monday, June 8, the department announced some details about a new initiative called the “Guilford County Sheriff’s Local Residents’ Advisory Roundtable.”

The department announced that the new roundtable will consist of a dozen members made up of local residents of a range of ages and with diverse backgrounds – including members from varying social, religious and racial groups.

The roundtable will meet monthly with Guilford County Sheriff Danny Rogers as well as members of his command staff. According to Sheriff’s Department officials, at the monthly meetings, Advisory Roundtable members will have “the opportunity to express concerns, to make suggestions, and to ask questions about the policies, procedures and actions taken by the Sheriff’s Office and its employees.”

The June 8 press release also notes that the roundtable will focus on both the law enforcement/patrol practices and the detention services of the Sheriff’s Department.

In the coming weeks, the sheriff will be selecting roundtable members representing various faiths, the NAACP, and the chambers of commerce in both Greensboro and High Point. There will also be a representative from the local LGBTQ community, someone advocating for people with disabilities and representatives from area universities.

Rogers has been the sheriff of Guilford County for over a year and a half now. In that time, the department’s community outreach projects have included the aptly named “Re-entry Program,” which provides assistance and resources to inmates coming out of jail or prison and going back into the community, and a “School Justice Partnership” that focuses on diverting teenage students from a life of crime.