It took a little time – nearly three weeks to be exact – but the Guilford County Sheriff’s Department now says it has its man in custody for a rape, kidnaping and robbery case that occurred earlier last month in the southern part of Guilford County.

This week, the Sheriff’s Department announced that, along with the assistance from the Greensboro Police Department, Guilford County Sheriff’s Dept. Detective A. Fleming was able to identify and charge a man – Christian Keymar Thompson – as the alleged perpetrator of the violent crime that was committed on Tuesday, Aug. 11.

Thompson, 24, pictured above, was residing on the 1000 block of Broad Ave. in Greensboro when he was arrested for the alarming crime that has put him behind bars with a very hefty bail.

Sheriff’s deputies made the arrest on Monday, Aug. 31, when Thompson was charged with kidnapping, robbery, rape and a related “forcible sex offense.”

He’s now being held in the Guilford County jail system with a $3 million bond.

According to the department, on the Monday the crime was committed, the assailant offered the victim a ride, which she accepted. However, once she got into the car, Thompson allegedly drove her to a place other than her stated destination and things turned violent as he proceeded to rape and rob her.

She was finally able to escape the vehicle and make it to a nearby residence, where the call for help was made and officers responded.

The Sheriff’s Department alerted the public about the incident and about Thompson’s capture in a Wednesday, Sept 9 press release.

In some cases, a rape conviction in the state of North Carolina can result in life imprisonment.