In conjunction with National Poison Prevention Week – the third week of March each year – the Guilford County Sheriff’s Department is working with a group called “NC SAFEKIDS” in an effort to raise awareness of the proper handling of medicine and to see that medications and poisons are disposed of properly.

This program provides local residents an opportunity to get rid of prescription and over-the-counter medications in a safe manner. If you flush your meds down the toilet they might end up in the water supply, and, if you throw them out in the woods, kids or animals might come upon them and down them.

According to a press release touting the pill and poison drop-off program, “Providing an opportunity for citizens to properly dispose of expired or unwanted medications eliminates the possibility that these substances will make their way onto our streets. It also affords us an opportunity to speak to the public about the proper handling, security and disposal of medications.”

The current “Take Back” initiatives will be held at the following locations this month during National Poison Prevention Week.

Here are the scheduled times for drop-offs at each location.

  • On Monday, March 16, the drop-off location will be the McLeansville Lions Club at 1124 Mt. Hope Church Road in McLeansville. The hours for that event will be from noon to 3:30 p.m.
  • On Wednesday, March 18, you can drop your poisons and pills off at the Smith Senior Recreation Center at 2401 Fairview St. in Greensboro from 9 a.m. to noon.
  • Finally, on Thursday, March 19, you can leave the pills and related products at the Pleasant Garden Pharmacy at 4822 Pleasant Garden Road in Pleasant Garden. That drop-off event will run from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Anyone taking advantage of this service should bring in the medications in their original containers or bring them in Ziploc bags or similar plastic baggies – which will be destroyed along with the medication.

While these sites will gladly take your drugs off your hand, no syringes or needles will be accepted.

At all of the events, Guilford County sheriff’s deputies will be on hand to secure the medications and to oversee their safe destruction.