In recent years, even houses of worship haven’t been exempt from shootings and other violence – and now the Guilford County Sheriff’s Department is going to attempt to make those places safer before anything like that happens here.

The Sheriff’s Department will hold a community forum on Monday, March 30 to teach and encourage safety and security in area churches as well as other places of worship. At a time when local governments and area businesses are turning a laser-like focus to security, this forum will help congregation members, church administrators and others learn methods to remain safe. The forum will feature training for faith leaders on “ways to mitigate violent threats and responses to violent crises” within the county’s houses of worship.

At the March 30 learning session, representatives of the Sheriff’s Department, in addition to providing general advice on how to keep churches safe, will answer any questions addressing safety concerns of specific churches and other places of worship.

The forum will be held from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Glenwood Friends Church at 2400 Old Chapman St. in Greensboro.

Leaders in the local faith community and their staff are encouraged to attend and participate in the discussion on the best ways to elevate safety.

A press release from the Guilford County Sheriff’s Department announcing the event called Glenwood Friends a “gracious local church” and added that “Without their help this effort would not be possible.” It also noted that Guilford County Sheriff Danny Rogers would like to thank church staff for their willingness to help.

For questions regarding this training forum – or to schedule a “Security Survey” of a particular church or house of worship – church leaders can email or call Master Corporal J.A. Page at 336- 641-3378.