While they won’t get to carry a firearm or drive patrol cars in high-speed chases, your kids can soon take part in the Sheriff’s Department’s activities and build their character at the same time.

The Guilford County Sheriff’s Department announced this week that it’s seeking boys and girls to take part in its newest offering to the community – the Junior Deputy Program.

According to a Wednesday, Nov. 18 press release from the department describing the program, it’s designed for kids to take part in while between 7 and 10 years of age, and it’s intended to promote “strong, solid, patriotic citizenship with a basis for good moral character, integrity, trustworthiness, and the desire to perform good deeds for others.”

The Junior Deputy Program isn’t meant to be just for kids who expect to seek careers in law enforcement. It will teach leadership skills and teach the value of teamwork – things that should benefit the children no matter which occupation they choose later in life.

As an added bonus, the kids will get to interact with K-9 officers.

The description of the program is as follows; “Junior Deputies will attend classes that will introduce them to numerous law enforcement topics including meeting our furriest officers-the K-9 Division! They will be able to observe presentations by the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office, which will teach the Junior Deputy why each unit is special and how it’s used to protect the community. Junior Deputy Program is designed to keep the youth engaged by presenting the material with fun, games, and activities.”

It will include lessons on gun safety, patrol tactics, traffic safety, fingerprinting, first aid/CPR, internet safety and other techniques and skills used by the department.

The program is completely free but participants and their parents have to meet the following requirements:

  • Youth must be 7 years of age when joining. (They will age out of the program at age 10).
  • Must be a resident of Guilford County
  • A uniform will be issued that must be worn by the youth during the meetings and activities.
  • Parents or guardians must attend all meetings with their child and sign a liability waiver.
  • Parents have to complete a background check.

The program will begin in 2021.

The member kids will perform a community service task every month. Often, these tasks will be tied to events that require law enforcement presence.

The Junior Deputy Program will meet on the first Thursday of every month from 6 p.m. to 8. p.m. Occasionally, that schedule will be adjusted to meet training and service requirements.

For any questions about this program or details on how to apply, you can contact Master Corporal A. Almonor at 336-641-5313 or aalmono@guilfordcountync.gov.