Guilford County Sheriff’s Department Spokesperson Max Benbassat resigned on Monday afternoon, July 15.

Benbassat has largely been the public face of the department since shortly after the election of Sheriff Danny Rogers.  His resignation came right after another high-profile resignation: Earlier in the day, Catherine Netter, the executive administrative assistant for the Sheriff’s Department, resigned.

Benbassat said immediately after turning in his resignation that he was stepping down to pursue other goals.  He operates a web site business – – and he said he’s also working on another project,, which includes a phone app, “Gatefrog,” that he’s planning to release later this year.

“I do respect the sheriff and love him like an uncle,” Benbassat said on Monday.  “I’ve been with him since before the campaign and I will be with him on the next campaign if he wants me there.”

After Rogers was elected sheriff, he made Benbassat his spokesperson as well as the person in charge of social media for the department. Benbassat’s past experience is largely in website creation and site management.

He turned in a resignation letter Monday that stated he was confident Rogers and the department will continue enhancing public safety in the future as they have since he took office.

Benbassat was the press contact for almost all of the information officially coming out of the department and his departure came suddenly – just as he was in the midst of managing the announcement of Netter’s resignation.