The Guilford County Sheriff’s Department has created a new class that’s being touted as an effort to help keep people safe.

The class – called Safety for Today’s Citizen – will cover a wide range of advice regarding ways to keep yourself and your loved ones from being killed, hurt, scammed robbed, etc.

The department promises to offer a “fresh look” at ways people can protect themselves and their property. It also has a secondary purpose: to improve the relationship between law enforcement officers and county residents.

The online class will cover everything from home security to identity theft to gun safety.  It will also teach participants how to avoid gun violence – and will even provide tips on ways that senior citizens can stay out of harm’s way.

This will be a one-session virtual class held on Friday, Nov. 18 from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

The department hopes to offer the class again at some point in the future. However, currently, no other dates have been scheduled.

Those who want to take the November 18 class should visit the Guilford County Sheriff’s Department’s website at and complete the online registration.

Those who take the class will be better equipped to:

  • make more informed judgments
  • recognize fraud and scams
  • realize when criminal activity is a threat.

In addition, the class will be an opportunity “to explore the traditional suspicions and misconceptions generally harbored by both citizens and law enforcement.”

The official objective of the class is “to reduce the potential for Guilford County citizens to become the victims of a crime,” as well as “enhance a sense of security and empowerment and reduce citizens’ fear of criminal victimization.”

If you have any questions about the class, you can contact Sergeant A. Almonor at 336-641-5313 or