On Monday, July 15, the Guilford County Sheriff’s Department offered a brief comment on the departure of Executive Administrative Assistant Catherine Netter and indicated that there would likely be more information on her exit made public soon.

Netter was a top administrator with county law enforcement and was considered by many in Guilford County government to be one of the most powerful people in the Sheriff’s Department, with an influence that extended well beyond what her title might suggest.

The decisions Netter made were often highly controversial and her sudden departure is expected to change a great many things about the department.

After the Rhino Times reported that Netter was no longer employed by the county, Max Benbassat, the spokesman for the Sheriff’s Department, said that Netter turned in her resignation last week.

“She resigned on Thursday, effective today,” Benbassat said on Monday, July 15.

Benbassat also said that he’d been in meetings all morning on Monday and added that he expected the department to offer a statement on Netter’s departure, perhaps by the end of the day.   He also said that until that time the department had no further information to offer on the situation.