The Guilford County Sheriff’s Department is once again offering its Sheriff’s Citizen Academy to Guilford County residents who are interested in learning a whole lot about law reinforcement, the operations of the department, and the specific ways it goes about enforcing the law and running the jails in Guilford County.

The two-month, once-a-week course will be quite broad, and, hopefully, give ordinary citizens a lot of insight into how the Sheriff’s Department conducts itself.

The classes for the 2022 academy begin on Thursday, Aug 18 in the evening.

According to a press release this week announcing the new class, one of the main goals is “to improve law enforcement/community relations through a formalized educational process.”

The academy has been around for a long time. However, especially in recent years, many citizens in Guilford County – and across the nation – have had an antagonistic relationship with law enforcement.  So Sheriff’s department officials are hoping that this type of involved learning experience will improve community relations among other things.

The academy, as it always does, will offer a very wide range of topics: It’s essentially a condensed version of the much more in-depth standard training curriculum that the department uses for new sheriff’s deputies.

According to department officials, the hope is that citizens will get a close-up look at the mission of the Sheriff’s department and the requirements that officers must conform to while carrying out their duties.

Sheriff’s department officials always stress that this is also a learning experience for officers since the dialogue runs both ways. It helps the Sheriff’s department become “more aware of the feelings and concerns of the community, as expressed by attending citizens.”  Over the eight weeks, students and officers will have an opportunity to “explore together some of the traditional suspicions and misconceptions generally harbored by both citizens and Sheriff’s deputies.”

Those interested in attending the academy should fill out an application on the Guilford County Sheriff’s Department’s website or contact Department Sergeant Aline Almonor at 336-641-5313.