The Guilford County Sheriff’s Department announced on Friday, Nov. 6, that it will offer the public a new class in December called “Safety for Today’s Citizen.”

According to the description provided in a Friday press release announcing the brand new initiative, “This class is designed to improve law enforcement and community relations through an educational process with an open forum for discussion. The objective of this class is to reduce the potential for Guilford County citizens becoming the victims of a crime.”

 The release adds that the class will “enhance a sense of security and empowerment” for attendees in addition to reducing fears of victimization.

According to the Friday press release, Guilford County Sheriff Danny Rogers and his staff hope the course will help protect citizens in a very broad variety of ways.  For instance, it will show them how not to be taken in by scams.  It will also include strategies for increasing home security and protecting against identity theft.  The class will also teach students how to report suspicious activity and will offer tips related to gun safety.  In addition, it will teach safety methods for senior citizens.

According to the Sheriff’s Department, another goal of the course is to help bring the community and the department closer together.  

The class will also provide “an opportunity to explore the traditional suspicions and misconceptions generally harbored by both citizens and law enforcement.”

This one-session virtual class is scheduled for Tuesday, Dec. 1, 2020 at 6 p.m.

The department hopes to offer the class again in the future, however, no set dates have been scheduled.

If you’re interested in attending the Safety for Today’s Citizen class, you can visit the Sheriff’s Department website complete the online registration.

For any questions regarding the class, contact Master Corporal A. Almonor at 336-641-5313 or at