If you’re driving around on I-85 or I-40 in Guilford County, always be on the lookout for something suspicious in the car next to you, because, in addition to being the roads that take us to the beach and to ACC basketball games, those highways are also quite frequently used for transporting illegal drugs.  

As was evident over the weekend.

On Monday, March 2, a press release from Guilford County Sheriff Danny Rogers announced that, on Saturday, Feb. 29, deputies from a “Specialized Enforcement Unit” within the Guilford County Sheriff’s Department, working with agents from the Greensboro Resident Office of the Drug Enforcement Administration, better known as the DEA, made a large seizure of narcotics in the Greensboro area.

In the takedown, those agencies, working together, made some stoners somewhere very unhappy by seizing about 331 pounds of high-grade marijuana along with 30 pounds of THC concentrate/wax. While marijuana is legal in many states, North Carolina is not one of those.

According to a press release from the Sheriff’s Department announcing the seizure, the successful operation succeeded thanks to an investigation related to the interstate trafficking of narcotics.

For decades, area law enforcement agencies have stated that, due to Greensboro’s proximity to major highways and its central location on routes such as Washington, DC, to Atlanta, and Charlotte to Raleigh, a whole lot of drugs pass through Greensboro and Guilford County.

According to the Monday press release from the Sheriff’s Department, this bust put a real kink in the dealers’ plans.

“The intended destination of the marijuana was not North Carolina,” the statement reads, “however, this seizure has resulted in a disruption of the supply of narcotics along the east coast and the current street value is approximately $1.5 Million.”

The release from the department also states that, due to the sensitive nature of the investigation, no additional information will be provided by the Sheriff’s Department at this time.