On Thursday, July 4 – better known in this country as the Fourth of July – Guilford County Sheriff Danny Rogers sent out an “Independence Day Message” for the citizens of Guilford County that provided a summary of the progress and goals of the department after Rogers first seven months in office, encouraged citizens to be safe throughout the holiday weekend and reminded them to think about their country and its history.

“As the Sheriff of Guilford County, an office that we continue to build on as we modernize and improve,” he wrote, “I am especially honored this Independence Day as we as Americans reflect [on] and honor our past while looking to future generations.  While this country has been through much, it’s light continues to shine a beacon of hope for our children and new arrivals.”

Rogers wrote that the Guilford County Sheriff’s Department has been in existence since 1771, and he added, “I am greatly privileged in this role as your Sheriff and look to build on this agency’s rich history toward a more hopeful future.”

The sheriff listed what he sees as important components of the plan to enhance the department and make citizens safer.  The initiatives listed in the statement were those that have been a part of Roger’s mantra since he began his campaign for office in early 2018:

  • Community-oriented policing
  • Expanding youth/citizen programs
  • Improving programs to reduce recidivism
  • Continuing to provide transparency

Rogers added: “I am Guilford County’s ‘Working’ Sheriff, representing everyone, regardless of political ideology, race, religious identity or background. Our amazing team of sworn, non-sworn and administrative staff are working hard to improve the lives of all, with the best interests and safety of our residents in mind.”

Rogers also encouraged citizens to make safety a priority over the next few days.

“Be safe this holiday weekend and take time to reflect on what it means to be American. Please, remember those who died for our freedom,” he wrote.

He added that together, the citizens “can all make a positive change in Guilford County.”