Guilford County Sheriff Danny Rogers said that despite the way former Sheriff BJ Barnes publicly attacked him after he won the sheriff’s race, he loves Barnes and wishes the best for him.

“Do I love my predecessor – I do,” said Rogers, who’s now been Guilford County’s sheriff for almost a month.

“I’m not mad at him,” he added.

While Barnes was far from complimentary of Rogers during the race, it was really after Rogers’ stunning upset of Barnes that the former sheriff took off the gloves and gave his unabashed opinion of Rogers and his ability to be sheriff of the county.  When one TV reporter asked Barnes was he not afraid that his statements of Rogers’ ineptitude would strike fear in county citizens, Barnes doubled down, looked into the camera and said everyone needed to be very afraid now that Rogers was sheriff.

Rogers said that, now that the election is over and some time has passed, he hopes that the animosity between the men can be put behind them. He said he certainly has no ill will towards Barnes.

“I can’t control how he feels about me – that’s his business,” Roger said.

The new sheriff added that his love extends to all the citizens of Guilford County whether they voted for him or not.

“You know, however long I serve as sheriff, I want to make sure that I go out with the people knowing that I meant what I said and that I love them,” he said.

He also said that Barnes had a very long run as sheriff and he wanted to give Barnes his due for the successes he’d had; however, Rogers added, there’s a natural progression of all things and this year it was past time for the county to have a new sheriff.

“The difference between our administration and the previous administration is that we’re younger,” Rogers said. “There is going to come a day when we age out too.  My predecessor can say what he wants to say – but he aged out.  Take it.  Enjoy what you’ve done.”