Inflation is truly everywhere you turn these days – and price hikes are even showing up in the amount that the Guilford County Sheriff’s Department is charging the US Marshals Service to hold inmates in the county jail in downtown Greensboro.

For years, the county has charged the Marshals $73 a day to hold their inmates – but now that price is going up to $95 a day.  That’s a hefty 30 percent increase.

Under the terms of the new agreement scheduled to be signed soon, Guilford County will be contractually obligated to house up to 40 male general population inmates and five female general population inmates.  General population inmates are ones who are thought to pose no exceptional risk to others and therefore can be held in the same manner as most other inmates.

The Guilford County Detention Center in downtown Greensboro – known as “Jail Central” – opened in the summer of 2012, and, in 2014, the Sheriff’s Department, which runs the jails, entered into a contract with the US Marshals Service to house federal inmates at the roomy jail that has tons of extra space.

Though the agreement called for the Sheriff’s Department to hold “up to 40 inmates,” the actual number of federal inmates held can reach 60 from time to time.

The US Marshal’s inmates held in the downtown Greensboro jail usually include those awaiting trial in nearby federal courts – like the  US District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina, which is a stone’s throw away from the jail.

In other cases, the federal inmates are awaiting a post-trial hearing.

For the current fiscal year – which began on July 1, 2022 – the county projected $1,314,000 in revenue from holding the US Marshals’ inmates.  That amount, of course, will rise once the new contract is signed and the extra $22 a day per inmate is factored in.